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LUA Documentation

18 July 2014 - 10:21 PM

Hey Guys,


I'm still working on my map and noticed the comments in the func_usable section in GTK about LUA and sounds. Ive used a script to play some sounds using lua, which works pretty good!


I had a few questions about this though.


1. Does a lua script contribute to the entity count (like a speaker entity does) ?


2. Where is the latest documentation on lua? I found a document from november 2011 in a git repo, not sure if that is the latest one.


I'll try to experiment some more with it, especially if it means being able to reduce entity count!


Sneak preview map re-vamp.

25 June 2014 - 08:00 AM

I already have a topic of this on TLO (over here: http://www.last-outp...g53437.html#new), but seeing as I'd like to get some input from everyone I also post it here. This topic will also serve as a bit of a blog for me, obligating me to keep working on the map and keep you guys up to date.


I'm currently working on revamping an existing map (not going to tell you which one just yet because I want it to be a suprise). I'll post some screenshots and would like to get your feedback on the mapping style and texturing/lighting. Especially on that last part as I'm not that great at photoshopping and making awesome textures (like Griffin XD). I'll keep you guys updated on the status of the map in this post and will post screenshots below.


Status of the map:


Deck 1: Bridge deck.

  • Nothing changed yet


Deck 2: Utility deck (TP etc.)

  • Layout changed and new corridoors added. Not yet "air-tight".


Deck 3: Crew deck.

  • Made existing junior and senior quarters airtight. Layout 50% done
  • AMade new hallways, airtight. Layout 80% done.


Deck 4: Science deck.

  • Nothing changed yet


Deck 5: Second utility deck (brig etc.)

  • Nothing changed yet


Deck 6: Engineering deck.

  • Nothing changed yet


I might swap out decks 3 and 4 since the crew deck is getting quite large and i want it to fit the contours of the ship.