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In Topic: Klaw's Mapping Questions!

09 August 2014 - 08:39 AM

Ah yes, i knew that document was out there but i could never find it again. Thanks for sharing.

In Topic: Klaw's Mapping Questions!

06 August 2014 - 06:30 PM

Hey Klaw. Don't fear, I know quite a bit about this problem. I wrote about it on my blog a bit: http://withmartin.ne...cks-go-vishing/


Long story short, read this: https://developer.va...wiki/Hint_brush


The bits you are still seeing are parts of your floor (or the entire floor of that deck in your case). This is a known problem with the compiler. I've had the same issues on my map. The only way to solve it is to do proper PROPER hints and areaportals, which is very hard and labor intensive trial and error work. A tool that can help is the portal viewer in GTK. Its located under Plugins > prtview > Load .prt file. After you have done a Meta compile, you can load in the prt file and see where the compiler has put portals. These are used by the vis stage to determine regions in the game (vis stage also deletes the .prt file again so make sure you dont do a vis stage if you want to load it in).


You can also load up your map using /devmap and then issuing /r_showtris 1. IT will show all visible triangles. You will notice that near doors, the floor of the next room is still visible at some points. One thing you can do to counter this a bit is to have a dedicated brush beneath your door, such that the floor brush of room A doesn't touch the floor brush of room B (or is the same brush altogether).


Another hint about hint portals (pun intended) is to use the "Skip" texture on all sides of the hint/areaportal brush but 1 (the side you want the actual portal to be). This texture is actually a shader and is a hidden feature of Q3map2. Theres a big chance you dont have it because it doesn't ship with RPG-X or EF by default. Contact me (you know how) for more information on this.


EDIT: Didn't see your last post there. Nice to know you fixed it. My comment goes nonetheless so ill just leave it here for future reference.

In Topic: LUA Documentation

06 August 2014 - 06:19 PM

The behaviour of that function might change depending on whether the entity has an origin brush or not. Guess I'll have to check out if that is the case.


The behavior of the rotational variant does have a dependency on an origin brush, haven't tried it for linear movement, but I assume that works the same.


Also, rotating a brush 90 degrees which itself is not aligned to any axis, is a pain in the *ss! :P

In Topic: LUA Documentation

26 July 2014 - 08:08 AM



I've been playing around with this some more and ive been trying to move around some entities using the mover library. However, when I call mover.SetPosition on an entity, it just disappears.


In the code i noticed G_SetOrigin gets called, but i cant search trough the rest of the code on github so i dont have a clear view of what the parameters should be. I just assumed the origin required as input is the same origin an info_notnull or the like displays in GTK Radiant. However, when i call mover.SetPosition, even with the same origin as the entity is currently located, it just vanishes. Any idea as to why?




I figured it out by printing the entities origin. The mover.SetPosition uses relative positions in stead of absolute positions. So to move the entity back to its spawn position, the xyz vector is just 0,0,0 to move it 18 units up, the movement vector is 0,0,18 etc.

In Topic: Sneak preview map re-vamp.

06 July 2014 - 05:38 PM

I'm actually keeping a blog with progress now. You can read it here: http://withmartin.net/wordpress/ (saves me having to post stuff on 3 different sites).


I actually like the carpet myself, so I think I'm keeping it XD Telex over at TLO had the same comment. Its really much more high-res ingame since its quite a high-res texture and it really does look like a propper carpet. (Its actually a slightly edited picture of a real carpet, so, it doesn't get any more carpet®y then this :P ).