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Future Repeats Itself

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Posted 24 June 2004 - 07:03 PM

I Wrote this Story a While Back For An English Assignment. I had it on my computer soo i thought i might as well submitt it to you all. Heads up Shes a Long One.

"Future Repeats Itself"
By Philip Haddock (aka Ethan Hawk)

Begin Captain's Log, Stardate: 44767.3
I hereby take command of this fine new ship and her crew. We
will set out from McKinley Station shortly, and embark on a set of all new
missions and discoveries. This ship will make her predecessor proud, she will
make a fine addition to the fleet.

Newly promoted Captain Bryan Williams of the starship Melbourne,
walked out of the corridor and onto the turbolift. He had just met his chief
engineer, Lovat, a Bolian, and toured engineering. He hadn't paid respects to
the bridge yet, and was saving the best for last.
He quickly thought of the ship that once carried this name, the
Melbourne that was destroyed at Wolf 359. He was a commander at the time.
He was serving on the Roosevelt, they were boarded, many of the crew were
captured, and right before his eyes, they were horribly transformed into those
ghastly Borg. He was fighting his way down the corridor, the ship shuddering
and falling apart all around him. He had made it from lieutenant all the way
up to commander and first officer. He fired his phaser again and saw the Borg
drone put up another shield. He quickly reset the phaser again and fired it,
hitting the Borg squarely on the chest and then a shower of sparks. The Borg
lay dead and he ran, and ran, making sure everyone was on the escape pods.
He quickly checked the sensors. Explosions were going off all around
him. He guarded his face. The Roosevelt's cover ship had been destroyed. He
saw that the Melbourne, and the Saratoga were coming with phasers blasting,
trying to get there comrades out before their precious ship exploded. Futilely
changing phaser frequencies, trying to blast the tractor beam that was holding
the Roosevelt away. The Borg ship paid no attention and fired its cutting beam
at the crippled ship. Williams saw the saucer section explode on the monitor,
and main power was cut off line.
He started running again. Hearing screams of his crew mates as they
were violated, and put into a life full of pain. He hated to think what Captain
Picard was going through. Having to watch his own fleet being destroyed in
front of his eyes.
He stopped in front of a view port and saw the Melbourne erupt in a
glowing light. Jessica! Where was Jessica?! Jessica was his very good friend
all through the Academy, he had to find her. Almost all of the escape pods had
been launched. Another thunderous shake hit. Bryan fell against the
bulkhead. There wasn't enough time! Besides, Jessica was probably already
on one of those pods. Oh God! What if she was already a Borg!
No time to think. He quickly got inside the cramped little pod. Six
people were already in there, they all relaxed at the sight of their commander.
He quickly ejected the pod, hoping no one was lost on the ship. Just as the
Saratoga exploded, a chunk of hull flew into the engineering section of the
Roosevelt, and then, the turbolift doors opened.
He shook his head and walked out. "Good morning, Captain," said
Commander Coulon, the ship's first officer.
"Good morning Commander. I shall be in my ready room."
"Aye sir," said the American Indian. Commander Mark Coulon was
about five foot ten, about one hundred and ninety, and sported a frock of black
hair that was neatly placed on the top of his head. First impressions of Mark
was good, at least from Bryan. He was glad that Mark was his Number One.
Bryan walked into the ready room. He glanced around. It was already
full of many items he had taken out of storage on Earth. His trombone neatly
standing in a corner, a model of the Roosevelt, his computer terminal on his
desk, the replicator, many pictures of space, nebula and such, and then, a large
picture of his ship emerging from an orbit of a purely blue planet, yellow
streaks of light spewing from the sun. He looked at his ship. Funny, he
thought, my ship. This is my ship! Her smooth lines, one of the many
Excelsior-class ships that were built during the almost seventy years of service.
She was an upgrade Excelsior-class ship, like the Enterprise-B. He looked at
the dark letters and numbers along her hull. They read:
U.S.S. Melbourne
What a glorious name. He sat at his desk and touched the control
button that activated it. Surely Starfleet had made up a mission for this brand
new ship. And they had. A planetary survey in sector five-four-three, near the
Romulan Neutral Zone. Just then his door chimed. "Come," he called.
The doors hissed open to reveal Jessica Classing. "Hello Captain," she
said as she looked around. "Nice, I like it. Well, I checked my security
console, everything checks out, weapons and shields are all ready, as well as
communications." Jessica was the Melbourne's security officer.
"That's good, we will be traveling along pretty close to the Neutral
Zone. I don't want to be moth balled by a Romulan ship." Said the Captain,
making it sound like he couldn't trust Jessica.
"Now, now, Captain, you may out rank me, but, I still can intimidate
you, so don't make me go to red alert and damage your pretty face." She said
with a smile and a hint of sarcasm.
"Your relieved, Lieutenant Commander, don't make me throw you in
the brig." He said stressing the words just as she had, "Or I'll have to come in
with regulations a firing."
"Oh no! No regulations! Please Captain, I'll be good." She said,
getting on her knees and begging.
"Well, all right," he said, as they both laughed. His door chimed again.
"Come in," he said. Jessica took her place on the couch overlooking the view
Just then a Benzite walked in, his air filter attached to his yellow
uniform. "Uh-I could come back, if this is a bad time, sir,"
"No, Commander, you weren't interrupting anything, what do you
need?" said the captain, looking at Jessica and smiling.
"Uh, um, I-I. thought you would like to know, the last minute
modifications are complete, and we are ready to depart. And, of course,
welcome to the bridge,"
"Thank you Mendak, you are dismissed, Commander Classing, I
believe it is time for you to take you station," said the captain, retaking his
command voice.
"Yessir," the three officers walked out of the ready room and onto the
central nexus of his ship.
"All stations report ready," he called, the thrill of command filled him
as he sat in the 'big chair.' Commander Classing took her tactical station,
which was behind the captain's chair, a large console, that could be operated
by two people. Commander Coulon took his seat that was to the right of
Williams, the seat that was directly in front of the operations console, which
Mendak took whole-heartedly. The helm was, of course, and as on many
ships, to the front of the command area, Lieutenant Marvin, a tan-skinned
male, purely American, blond hair, and an average height, manned the station,
Captain Williams wouldn't want anyone else piloting his ship than Benjamin
Marvin. The helm gave the bridge a 'nice touch' sort of motif. It curved
gracefully along the lower level of the bridge, a private little alcove, it was
more of a semi-circle, it incorporated navigation systems, the helm, warp and
impulse control and readouts (sort of like a backup engineering station),
sensors, and a backup communications console that could be reconfigured to
be a weapons console. The bridge was filled with workstations where any
crew member could work at. Up and to the right of the captain's chair was a
rail that separated the tactile, operations, command area and helm from the
upper work areas. Included into the rail was a console that could be used with
a direct linkage to main engineering. There were also small benches to the
right of the captain for guests, or the doctor to sit on.
"Helm ready," reported Marvin, his red uniform crisp and polished. He
toggled a few buttons to warm up the thrusters.
"Ops ready, sensors, computer, all ship board functions online."
Reported Mendak, corresponding with the station's control center for
"Tactical, security, and communications ready," reported Jessica.
"Engineering ready, warp engines and impulse engines on stand by
mode," came Lieutenant Commander Lovak's voice. Lovack was another blue
alien. But this time he wasn't a Benzite like Mendak, he was a Bolian.
"Sickbay ready," came the soft voice of Doctor Hanson's voice.
"Very good people," said Captain Williams, pleased with his brand
new crew. "Miss Classing, would you please be so kind as to open a channel
to McKinley Station's control center,"
The familiar, 'hailing frequencies open' sound emanated from
Classing's console. "Channel open," she said.
"Control, this is Melbourne requesting permission to depart," said the
captain, really getting into the swing of things now.
"Good luck Melbourne I hope that we will see you again soon. It was
pleasure to build your ship for you,"
"Thank you, and we will see you soon, Melbourne out." Said Williams,
a wide smile on his lips. The thought of having someone say thank you for
building his ship was special. If saying thank you was a good thing, then this
ship had been blessed even before she was commissioned. "Release all
mooring beams, one-quarter impulse power, and take us out," Bryan had to
smile even wider until his face hurt. He, he, Captain (oh what a word captain)
Bryan Williams of the Federation Starship Melbourne was finally in command
after being the first officer of the Roosevelt for over seventeen years! He was
finally out in space, having his own ship to command. The emotion was
overwhelming. He saw the ship clear the dry dock that it had been cradled in
for over a year. What actually happened was, this ship was already being built
before the first Melbourne was destroyed. This ship was actually slated to be
the U.S.S. Del Rio, NCC-71331, but was changed from a Starfleet admiral who
wanted to keep Admiral J.P. Hanson in mind. Admiral Hanson was the man
who had commanded the first Melbourne to her doom. So, the name was
changed to Melbourne and registry changed to NCC-62043-A.
The Melbourne had some of the latest computers to come out of the
Daystrom Institute, and sported a new type of warp core that not only re-
crystallized the dilithium crystals, but refined them to make a more efficient
warp power regulator, a crystal that could almost generate its own power. It
also carried a highly charged form of fluxed plasma, plasma that had been
introduced to a new form of refining, one that made it so fluid and rich, that
the warp engines purred so softly, that it would lull you to sleep in minutes.
The Melbourne had 647 crew members, and 25 decks. It had a maximum
cruising speed of warp 9.877, and a type seven shield grid, the newest of the
line. So, in a way, the Melbourne had a lot of prototype technology on it.
Technology that would be soon spread to the new Intrepid Class starship,
slated to come out in 2370.
The Melbourne glided out of the dry-dock and into space. They
cruised at impulse out of the Terran System, and slid into warp six with a
streak of the ship and a bright light.

Chapter 2

Captain's Log Supplemental:
We have cleared the Terran System and are on course for
Sector 543 for our first mission. After our mapping mission is completed, we
will set course for Ogden Two. I have yet to be filled in with the nature of our
mission, but I am very confident in Starfleet to give us a good mission that will
be challenging and educational.

Dr. Amber Hanson walked out of her sickbay office and into the bright
corridor. She was heading for the Observation Lounge, the Melbourne's place
for relaxation, and a place that you could get a drink and chat with old friends.
But, all of Amber's friends had been assigned to other ships, and her best
friend was now serving as a nurse on the Enterprise. Amber had applied for
the job, but when she saw that a spot for a Chief Medical Officer was needed
on the newly built U.S.S. Melbourne, she jumped at the chance. This ship's
medical database was vast, the latest Starfleet issue of tools and facilities. She
was quite happy. She brushed her golden honey hair away from her shoulder
and headed for the turbolift, when she realized that she hadn't paid her
respects to the captain. So, she altered her course for the bridge.
When she reached the nerve center of the ship, all was normal. She
asked an ensign where the captain was, and was told the ready room. She
walked over to the left side of the bridge and rang the bell. A simple "Come,"
admitted her in.
"Doctor Hanson, what a pleasure it is to see you, sit down please.
Would you like anything to drink?" asked the captain politely.
"Um, sure, how about a mint julep." She said.
"A mint julep? I don't usually see many people drinking those
"Well, I have spent the last two months at New Orleans, and there are
plenty of mint julep drinkers. I've grown to like them. And if you think that
ordering a mint julep is odd, your pink drink is considerably stranger. What
exactly is it?"
"Oh, I've been sampling the ship's library of exotic alien drinks. This
one was made by the Ferengi, its called a sunrise surprise. It tastes like guava
juice with a hint of some strange Ferengi synthehol. Usually, I'd order a tonic
water with lime."
"I see," she said, taking the green liquid from the captain's hand and
sitting in one of the plush, blue chairs.
"So Doctor, what brings you to my office?" asked the captain. He
didn't know why, but he trusted this person more than his best friend.
"Oh just the usual 'say hello to the captain because its the first mission'
sort of thing. I was on my way to the observation lounge, when I realized I
hadn't seen you."
"Well, thank you for stopping by. I was about to take a stroll to the
holodeck, would you care to join me?" asked the captain, hoping he could get
to know the doctor better.
"I'd love to," she stood up and drank the rest of her julep and put it in
the replicator so it could be turned back into energy. The captain took her arm
and walked out of the ready room and into the turbolift.
"Deck eight," said the captain. "So, what program would you like?"
asked the captain.
"I've always enjoyed my own program, but I don't think its been put in
to the computer yet. What do you have?"
"Well, as you may or may not know, I play the trombone. So, I have a
bar setting, and I usually play along with them. There really isn't any
interaction with much more than great jazz stars,"
"Well, I did play the saxophone when I was younger, but I stopped
playing that when I was fourteen." Said the doctor, admittedly shunning her
"Why don't we try one that was already programmed by the
computer?" asked Bryan, he told himself that he needed to make more
programs that everybody liked, not just him, in case he got into one of these
predicaments again.
"Sure, we'll check the computer when we get there." The turbolift
stopped and Amber walked out, followed by Bryan. They reached the
holodeck control panel and Bryan asked for a listing of all programs. The little
console lit up. They both scanned the cosole with rapt attention.
"Computer, stop screen," ordered Bryan, and then the little screen
stopped scrolling the programs. "Computer load the program, 'Fire Pits of
Atrika Three.'" Said Bryan.
"Program complete, you may enter when ready," said the computer's
female voice.
"Fire Pits of Atrika Three?" asked Hanson, not knowing if she would
like it very much. "I don't think sweltering heat is an idea of a good time."
She said.
"I was there when I was just a little boy. When my dad's ship, the
Java, I think it was, beamed down supplies to the colony, My Mom, him, and I
all beamed down to the surface. I must have only been at least five. I don't
remember all of the details, but I do remember that it was one of the most
beautiful things I have ever seen. Trust me, you'll love it. We all had to wear
some bulky environmental suits to go into the pits, but on the holodeck, you
can lower the temperature controls."
"Okay, I'll take your word for it," she said.
"Enter," said the captain. The doors opened and admitted them in.
They walked into some kind of locker room. Amber saw the bulky E-suits
Bryan was telling her about.
"Please put on your environmental suits for your protection, then after
you are done, please follow the lighted floor panels to the lobby." Said the tour
computer's voice. Bryan and Amber walked out of the locker room and into
the lobby. People were sitting on the couches and were looking outside the
large windows at the scorched red surface of Atrika Three.
"Hello, I am your tour guide-," began the a holographic woman.
Bryan told the computer to delete the tour part of the program.
Suddenly, the people that were sitting on the couches, and the tour mistress all
disappeared. "Now we can go ahead of the crowd, and not be disturbed by
them." He said. The pair walked over to a set of doors. One read
'Administration,' the other said 'Launching Bay.' Bryan touched the button
for 'Launching Pad.' The doors opened to show a regular elevator car. They
walked in and the car began its descent.
After a short ride, the elevator stopped. The doors opened to reveal a
large bay with little "hoppers." Hoppers were a sort of car, if you will, that
took you across the valley to the fire caves. The couple walked over to car 23,
and Bryan pushed the touch-pad to open the air lock. The small glass shield
opened up. There were four seats per car, Bryan and Amber took the first two.
The large glass canopy came down and they heard the faint hiss of air as the
lock re-pressurized. Bryan touched the large green button and the automatic
piloting system came on-line.
The hopper zoomed out of the launching bay. In about five minutes
they came to an area that looked lie a huge lot of hoppers. The canopy opened
automatically, and the two stepped out. The ground was red and hot. The heat
slithered across their black boots. They walked into a small outcropping of
rocks and were immediately seated in a small rail car. The car started off and
the tour began. Now, the fire caves were a set of three, each one being more
spectacular than the last. After the tour was over, tourists could choose to take
the other tour to the volcanoes, but Bryan had been to the volcanoes, and it
wasn't much fun.
The small rail car approached the first fire cave. "Computer, lower
temperature to 34 degrees Celsius, for every cave." Said Bryan as the computer
beeped with his command. Usually, the temperature in the caves got up to at
least 80 degrees Celsius. Thirty four wasn't that bad. Bryan heard the hissing
of the gasses and started to see an orange glow take place. All of a sudden, the
glow turned into a fiery blast, shooting outward. Yellow, orange and red
flames danced about the cave. The walls turned an orange hue, and the
skylight at the top of the cave spewed smoke. Bryan could see Amber react
with surprise, and she gasped. After the car left the first cave, Bryan could tell
that she would have a wonderful time.

After the tour was all over, the captain and the doctor walked out of the
holodeck doors and headed for Seven-Forward for some drinks.
"That was the most impressive fire show I have ever seen in my life."
She said.
"Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I thought you would like it." Said
Bryan as they rounded a corner. They entered the turbolift and Bryan ordered
it to deck seven. "So, what's our mission after our mapping mission?" asked
"I don't know, Starfleet is keeping it secret. I think we'll find out at
Ogden Two."
"Well, if they're are keeping it that secret, then it should be an exciting
"Yes, I hope so." The lift stopped and they walked into the corridor.
They came up to a large set of double doors, beautiful doors. Bryan could tell
that it was pure oak. There were small, circular windows that had the Starfleet
insignia frosted on. The doors whooshed open. Bryan looked around at the
elegant lounge. It was a dark lounge, with the bar being in the left side of the
room, almost parallel to the doors. On the other side of the room was the other
set of doors, and throughout the room was tables. And the best aspect of the
room was the large semi-circumvented window at the front that showed the
stars streaking by.
Bryan walked up to the bar. A slim, bald headed Deltan was behind
the counter. "Hi, my name is Doria. You must be Captain Williams and
Doctor Hanson. Welcome to my lounge. What can I get for you?" she asked.
Bryan looked into her eyes and saw a beautiful glint in them. She was also
very tall. And quite attractive.
Bryan was nudged out of his trance by Amber, "Oh, um, I'll have a
tonic water with lime, hold the gin."
"Okay," said Doria, "And for you?"
"I'll have a glass of Andorian Gava Wine."
"All right, I'll have it brought to your table." She quickly tapped a few
buttons and two drinks appeared on the replicator's stage. She walked out
from behind the bar and to the table that was right in the middle of the window
where the two sat. She handed them their drinks and walked off.
"So, tell me, where were you before you got this assignment?" asked
"Well, I was the first officer of the U.S.S. Roosevelt for eleven years,
right up to the day when she was destroyed by the Borg at Wolf 359."
"Oh, I'm sorry," said Amber with regret.
"Don't be, yes a lot of good people died, but what's done is done. It
was sad, seeing my ship go up in a big ball of flames. But now, I have this
magnificent ship under my command. Where were you?"
"Well, I was serving at the hospital as the head nurse on Aster VI. I
was there straight out of Medical School. It was very uneventful, nothing
compared to being on a starship, risking your life, being out on the frontier."
"Yes, it is quite exciting to think of all the adventures that we will
have. Personally, I think we'll be a ship that will be known. Just like the
Enterprise is now."
"I hope so." She looked out the window. "Beautiful aren't they?" she
said looking out at the stars.
I could get to liking her. Thought Williams. And the conversation went

Chapter 3

THE NEXT MORNING, Commander Coulon looked at the face in the
mirror and said to himself, "I am the first officer of a ship, finally!" he put on
his red uniform and walked out into the corridor. He walked past several crew
men who had already been up since the wee hours of the morning. He politely
returned the gesture and walked to the nearest turbolift. He pushed the button
that summoned the lift to the deck he was on. He heard the lift stop at the door
and soon afterward, the doors hissed open. He saw Lieutenant Marvin.
"Good morning, Commander," he said.
"Bridge," said Coulon, "Good morning Mr. Marvin. Sleep well?"
"Yeah, these starship beds aren't that bad. And this red uniform feels
good on me. Did you know that I was a science officer on the Naples until I
was promoted here? You know, once your in this red uniform, all the others
seem, well, boring, I guess."
"Not boring, just well, just, well red just feels better." Said Mark.
"Exactly!" said Marvin. The lift stopped and they walked out with
smiles on their faces. Mark said hello to Mendak and took his seat.
Lieutenant Marvin took his place at the helm, relieving a younger ensign.
"Good morning, commander," said Captain Williams.
"Morning, Captain." He replied. The ship was still cruising at warp
six, they were already past halfway there.
"We should be approaching Sector 543 in approximately nine hours,
captain." Said Lieutenant Marvin.
"Thank you Lieutenant,"
Commander Classing's board beeped at her and she pushed a few
buttons to see what it was. "Captain, incoming coded transmission from
Starfleet Command. In your ready room sir?" asked Jessica.
"Yes, thank you commander," said Williams. He got out of his chair
and walked into his office.
He sat behind his desk. He took a second to make sure he looked all
right and pushed the button on his terminal. The Federation's insignia bleeped
on. Then a lady's face appeared on the screen. Bryan immediately recognized
"Admiral Blackwell, what can I do for you?" he asked, quite perplexed.
Perplexed because the third in command of the Starfleet called him.
"Captain Williams, I hope your new ship hasn't given you any
"No, in fact, it has performed magnificently."
"Good, good. Captain, are you aware with Sector 582?" she asked.
Bryan put a frown on, trying to think of what significance Sector 582
might have. "All I know is that it is neutral territory between the Federation
and the Romulan Empire."
"Correct." She said.
"Admiral, is something going on? Are you going to cancel our mission
to Sector 543?"
"Captain, please switch to your split-screen." Said the admiral.
Bryan touched a few keys and the screen split in two, making the
admiral look a little more skinnier. All of a sudden a graphic popped up to
show a star chart. "Admiral, what is this?"
"The blue line represents the Federation, the green line represents the
border of the Romulan Empire. You see how our border opens up into
territory that we, the Federation and the Romulans claim?" Bryan nodded,
"There border is open as well, this means that the Romulans can fly in this
territory and not be blamed for entering the Federation, also, the Federation
doesn't have any border buoys there to watch for Romulan activity."
"Admiral, I fail to see the significance of this," said Williams.
"Captain, on the planet Honed VII is a race that has been on the merge
into warp drive vessels for over fifty years, a long range sensor buoy picked up
an unidentified ship heading at warp speed out of the Honed System. I want
you to investigate." The admiral had a look of concern on her face. The
graphic on the split screen changed to a satellite photo. "As you can see, those
green marks are a disturbance, one of the buoys picked this up, as you can see,
there is a star directly in the foreground, the gamma rays that the star emitted
showed a shadow like effect, we have positively identified it as a Romulan
Warbird. I want you to take the Melbourne to Honed VII and investigate the
matter with the Honedians, and see why the Romulans find it so important to
violate our territory just so they can get a look at this planet. This mission
should be eventful for you, be careful, I don't want a brand new ship to be
destroyed on her maiden mission, Blackwell out."
The split screen was restored to full, and the Admiral's image was
replaced by the Federation logo, and a phrase that said, 'End Transmission.'
Williams sat back in his chair and sighed, he could tell this mission was indeed
going to be eventful.

Jessica Classing looked up from her tactical board and saw Captain
Williams walking out of his ready room. He looked spaced out. His eyes were
just looking at the ground, and not moving. He was obviously thinking of
something. "Did the conversation go well?" she asked, a little shakily.
Bryan immediately looked at her, coming out of his trance and said,
"Oh, uh, yeah, um, I- um," he walked over to her tactical board and hit the
comm button. "Captain to all senior officers, please meet in the conference
"Everything okay?" asked Jessica.
"Yeah, everything is fine. Why?" he asked, a little sarcastically.
"Liar," she said as she was looking at his face, "I know that look to
well to be fooled, I've known you to long,"
"You'll find out in the meeting, c'mon, let's go." And with that, they
walked into the lounge.

The conference lounge was decorated with various plants from various
worlds. There was a picture of the original Melbourne, facing the new
Melbourne in front of a fuchsia nebula, staring at each other face to face. The
original Melbourne had carbon scoring marks up and down her hull from the
fight with the Borg vessel. The new ship looked at it ominously, like it was
excepting the role as the new Melbourne. Captain Williams looked out at the
stars from the view port. The conference lounge was directly behind the main
bridge. Williams took his seat at the head of the table, to the port side of the
ship. Commander Coulon sat to his right, with Jessica Classing behind him.
Mendak sat behind her.
On the other row, to the captain's left, sat Lieutenant Marvin,
Commander Lovak, and behind him Doctor Hanson.
"I'm sure you all can't wait to hear what Admiral Blackwell told me.
There is a race, the Honedians, for use of a better name, have emerged on the
brink of warp drive. But, as there always has, and ever shall be, is a catch.
The Romulans know too and since Honed VII is in Federation territory, the
Romulans don't have sensor nets or patrolling starships to worry about. We
are to go to Honed VII, make first contact, and ask the Honedians if they
would care to join the Federation. Of course, we will have the Romulans to
contend with. Questions?"
"Yes, Captain, what if the Honedians don't want to join the Federation,
or what if they want to join the Romulan Empire?" asked Ben.
"Well, if they do not wish to join the Federation, then we will have no
choice but to vacate the area, if they wish to join the Romulans, there is the
possibility of drawing the Federation into war."
"Why will it start a war?" he asked innocently.
"Because, Lieutenant, if the Romulans take it over, then the Federation
won't let our space go to them. But of course the Romulans won't care, and
they'll fight for it. Question answered?" he said bluntly.
"Yessir," said Marvin.
"Anymore questions?" he asked. Everyone shook their heads. "Well,
then, best of luck to us on our first, which promises to be an eventful one,
mission. Dismissed." Everyone filed out of the room and onto the bridge.

Chapter 4

Captain's Log, Stardate: 44787.6
The Melbourne has dropped out of warp on the far edge of the Honed
System. We are currently searching for any Romulan ships, or Honedian
ships. So far, we have found nothing. We are running under impulse power,
and are at yellow alert.

Captain Williams sat crossed-legged in his chair. He looked at the
almost still stars on the view screen. The Melbourne was slowly lumbering
closer to the seventh planet of the Honed System. It had been four hours since
they started their journey from the outer ring of the system. So far, nothing but
empty space. No Romulan ships, no Honedians, just space and a bunch of
Jessica's panel beeped at her. "Sir, I am picking up a ship bearing one-
four-one mark seventy-two. It is of unknown design. I would guess that it is a
Honedian ship. Shall I hail them?" she asked.
Bryan watched the view screen. He saw a steel gray ship appear. It
had two warp nacelles tucked in close to its side. The body of the ship
elegantly sloped down towards the nose. There was a discernible bridge area
towards the back of the ship. He could also identify what looked like some
kind of weapons pods. Then there was a customary orange glow in the back of
the ship to identify the impulse engines. "No, lets see what they do."
Jessica's board beeped again. "They are scanning us. They have raised
their shields." She said.
Not the perfect way to start out relations, I'm going to play it by ear.
Thought Bryan. "Miss Classing, lower our shields to show our good faith."
Said Bryan. He saw the momentary blue flash on the view screen that
indicated that the shields were now off. "Mendak, do a sensor scan of them,"
ordered Williams.
"Aye sir," he touched his board and stated what he found, "There is
approximately 500 life forms aboard. It looks like their warp capability is
warp seven point two. Those pods on the outer hull seem to be some kind of
torpedo launcher. I am also reading indications of some kind of pulse-drill
beam. Nitrogen oxygen mixture, apparently, they breathe the same air that we
"Thank you Mendak. All right, this has taken long enough.
Commander Classing, open hailing frequencies,"
All of a sudden, Jessica's board beeped ferociously, "Captain, Romulan
Warbird de-cloaking off the Honedians flank, they have their weapons
charged." Said Jessica with some excitement in her voice.
"Red alert, ready phasers! Hail the Romulans. Mr. Marvin, put us in
between the Romulan ship and the Honedian ship," Said Williams. The bridge
automatically turned dark, with red alert lights blinking on, a low humming
klaxon was also apparent. The Melbourne moved in between the Honedian
ship and the Warbird. The massive green ship out sized the Melbourne by
many times.
"The Romulans are firing their disruptors onto the Honedian ship," said
Mendak. All of a sudden the view screen blinked from a star field to the
bridge of the Romulan ship.
"Captain, if you do not depart in one minute I will have no choice but
to open fire upon you."
"Excuse me, Commander?" said Bryan asking the Romulan his name.
"Commander D'Rem, of the Imperial Warbird Klidon."
"I am Captain Bryan Williams of the Federation Starship Melbourne.
Excuse my bluntness, but you are in Federation territory. I believe that was my
line. Leave, or I'll open fire upon you, and what's worse, you'll be facing a
charge of war. Leave now D'Rem."
"Sorry Captain, but that ship that you are trying to protect is a ship that
destroyed one of our long range science vessels. We are at war with the
Joran." So that was what their name was, the Joran.
"At war? Commander D'Rem-,"
Bryan's words were cut off by Mendak. "Sir, a temporal rift is
forming, a ship is emerging."
"Onscreen!" cried Bryan. D'Rem was replaced by a green cloud of
vapor and a blur of lights which looked like the running lights of a starship.
"Sensor blackout is subsiding, the ship is-,"
Bryan didn't have to know what ship it was. The ship had bad burn
marks on her hull, a large portion of her saucer was sliced open, and it looked
like one of the nacelle's was fluctuating. "What the hell?" said Bryan. The
ship he was looking at was his, the Melbourne.

"Report," said Williams as he looked at his ship emerging from the
temporal rift.
"The ship appears to be in some sort of temporal flux." Said Mendak,
"Possibly from going through the rift." Williams and the rest of the bridge
crew watched as the other Melbourne flashed in and out of time. "The other
Melbourne is fluctuating in and out of our space-time continuum." Said
Mendak, working his board.
"Hail them," said Williams
"Aye sir," said Classing. "On screen, Captain,"
"This is Captain Williams of the Federation Starship Melbourne. What
is going on here?" he asked, somewhat bewildered.
The screen flickered to show the bridge of the Melbourne, with fires
flaring, and Lieutenant Marvin slumped over in his chair, his neck broken.
Commanders Classing and Coulon were being carried off on stretchers.
"Captain Williams," said Captain Williams, a gushing wound on his face,
losing too much blood to be on the bridge. Just shows how dedicated to my
ship I really am. Thought Williams. "You must destroy that Honedian ship
"Why?" asked Williams. "We are here on a peaceful First Contact
mission. We are not here to start a war."
"No, you don't understand....you started..ar..you..estroy.dian
ship.." The transmission was fading.
"Captain, we're losing you," said Williams, "Boost your signal gain.
Switch to 132 megahertz,"
"Its too late Captain," said Mendak, "They have slipped out of our time
"Can you get him back?" asked Williams.
"Negative, not without further research of the matter,"
"He looked pretty bad, I just can't dismiss him and his claim, I want
you and Lovak to start on a way to at least talk to him,"
"Aye sir," said Mendak and headed for the turbolift.
"Captain, the Romulan ship is hailing us again," said Commander
"Tell them not now," said Williams. He just imagined it. A smaller
Federation starship, telling a huge, battle-hungry Warbird to 'knock-it-off.'
D'Rem must be furious now. "Actually, Commander, tell D'Rem to prepare
to beam over to the Melbourne. Lower the shields and power down weapons as
a show of good faith. Stand down red alert," said Williams. The bridge
resumed its original lighting, the whole room becoming brighter.
"Commander D'Rem says that he will meet with you, but he wants to
bring along three security guards," said Jessica.
"That's okay, we'll have security guards as well, I'll be in transporter
room three,"
"Aye sir,"
"Commander Coulon, you come with me, Commander Classing, you
have the bridge." Said Williams, smiling back at Jessica's smile. "Your first
time in the 'big chair?'" asked Williams.
"Exactly, but don't worry, I won't get your ship all banged up under my
watch, I know how you captains are, always worrying about their ship when
they aren't on the bridge. Let me tell you something, I am just as good as you
are mister, now, get off the bridge and go greet our Romulan guests."
"Yes, sir!" said Williams, chuckling all the way to the turbolift.

Williams and Coulon entered the transporter room. There was an
ensign on duty and said, "Ready for transport Captain, the Romulans have
lowered their shields,"
"Very well, energize," just then, three security guards walked in.
On the transporter platform, four shapes took place. Then, their broad
shoulders took place, the mark of the Romulans. The blue hallow around them
disappeared, and one Romulan stepped forward, apparently Commander
"Commander D'Rem, welcome aboard the USS Melbourne. This is
Commander Coulon, my first officer. Would you please follow me to the
conference lounge."
"Of course, Captain. Allow me to introduce my first officer, Sub-
Commander Tarkus," said D'Rem as Tarkus stepped forward. Captain
Williams, Commander Coulon, Commander D'Rem and Sub-Commander
Tarkus walked out of the transporter room and down the corridor, flanked by
two Romulan security guards and three Starfleet guards. Williams led them to
turbolift and said, "Observation lounge," and the lift whisked them away.

The doors opened up to place them inside a corridor. They walked up
a ramp and another set of doors opened up to admit them into the colorful
conference lounge. Williams took his seat at the head of the table. All the
other officers followed suit. All the security guards stood behind their
respective captains.
"Commander D'Rem. The Melbourne was sent to this sector to make
First Contact with the Joran. With your aggressive arrival, that makes my
mission very difficult. First of all, how could the Romulan Empire be at war
with a race who has just made warp technology? Surely they couldn't that
much of a threat to you."
"Captain, I will not mince words. The Romulan Star Empire has been
in somewhat of a 'hungry' position. The Romulan Empire has tried for years
to get the better of the Federation. And each time, we have failed. Every time.
Well, except for once, and that was a glorious victory for us. But, we are tired
of losing everything.
"I have found over the three short years that we have had contact with
the Federation that you do not like to have wars. And its your almost equal
ability of cunning to that of us that keeps us from gaining a victory from you.
Well, Captain, the Romulan people like war. It is our heritage. Sector 582 as
you know is territory claimed by both the Romulan Empire and the Federation.
Well, we saw the Joran System as worthy of a war, so we started a total war of
attrition with the Joran. Hoping, that after we annihilated them, the Federation
would see what we are doing and start a war. That way, there would be no
treachery to be failed upon. See what I mean?"
"I do, and what a plan, if it ever did work. But, you underestimated the
Federation's abilities, and now, the Melbourne is here. And now, there is a big
problem. I have a duplicate Melbourne that just disappeared from my sensors
that claim that the Federation is at war with the Joran. A war that looks like
we are losing. And I have a feeling that some how, the Romulans have a
strong connection with it. I want to know what your real plan is, and I want to
know it now."
"Captain, you have no right to speak to me in that tone of voice. And
I'm not really afraid of your tiny ship. And like I said Captain, I just told you,
there is no treachery here, we want war."
"That's a pretty week justification for war though. Knowing you
Romulans, there is a hidden agenda. I feel it is in best interest to have a short
recess. I will call you when I am ready to talk again. Commander Coulon,"
said Williams, raising his voice to that tone of command, "Would you please
escort our Romulan guests to the transporter room?"
"Aye sir," said Coulon as he got up and walked to the doors with the
Romulans in tow.
"A pleasure Captain," said D'Rem.
"The pleasure was all mine," said Williams, lying though his teeth.

Chapter 5

WILLIAMS WATCHED D'REM walk through the doors and let out a
breath. He touched his comm badge and pulled down his uniform tunic. The
communicator beeped telling him the channel was open and said, "Williams to
Commander Classing,"
"Classing here,"
"How's my ship?"
"Just fine, what can I do for you?" she asked.
"Get me Admiral Blackwell on subspace, priority one,"
"Aye sir," said Jessica with a bit of curiosity in her voice.
Williams tapped his comm-badge twice, once to close the channel, and
once to open another channel. He walked to the door opposite him. He
emerged into the corridor that lead to the bridge. "Williams to Mendak," said
Bryan as he walked out of the corridor and onto the bridge.
"Mendak here,"
"Commander, how's it coming?" he asked.
"We've made some progress sir. But we're still going to need a lot
more time,"
"Well Commander, it looks like your time is going to be cut short,
double your efforts, put anybody on the project that you think would be useful,
notify me once you're on to something. And hurry," said Williams. Looks
like my prediction was right, he thought, there is going to be a war.

Williams walked into his ready room, its blue and gray hues welcoming
him. He took a seat in his plush blue chair and pushed the button to turn his
terminal on. A picture of Admiral Blackwell took place. She looked like she
had just been awakened from sleep.
"What is it Captain?" she asked, rubbing her eyes.
"Sorry to catch you in your sleep, Admiral, I forgot about what time it
was on Earth. But, I think that what I'm about to tell you is worth it. We have
found the Honedians, and their real name is the Joran. Anyway, that is beside
the point. When we arrived in Sector 582, we found a Joran ship. Then, a
Romulan Warbird de-cloaked in front of us. All of a sudden, it started to fire
upon the Joran ship. I hailed them and they said that the Romulans were at
war with them. But, this is even more extraordinary-,"
"Slow down Captain," she said. "You're telling me that the Romulans
are at war with the Joran, and they have just acquired warp technology? That's
preposterous! I think that it is some more Romulan treachery."
"Admiral, this is even more strange. A short while after the Romulans
started to fire upon the Joran ship, a temporal rift opened up, to reveal a
battered Melbourne. She looked pretty badly. Looked like she had been
through one hell of a fight. Then, she phased out of our space-time continuum.
"But, before she disappeared, I was able to make contact with Captain
Williams. He told me that the Federation was at war with the Joran in the
future. And that's when the other Melbourne phased away.
"Shortly after, I asked Commander D'Rem, the commander of the
Romulan ship to come over to the Melbourne. Admiral, what I am about to say,
is-shocking to say the most. D'Rem told me that the Romulan Empire is tired
of losing to the Federation. So, they are not using treachery this time. They
are going to annihilate the Joran. And then D'Rem told me that since the
Federation would never stand for such genocide in our space, we would
respond with force and a war would be started."
"Damn," said Blackwell. "I would not take D'Rem's statement that
there is no treachery as a lie. So, what are you going to do next?" she asked.
"I would take D'Rem' statement that there is no treachery as a lie. So,
what are you going to do next?" she asked.
"Well, after D'Rem and his party left the Melbourne, I was going to
contact you and see what you said."
"Captain, for now, I want you to investigate this incident, and when
you find any information about this, contact me. In the mean time, I'm
sending the USS Triumph, a Galaxy class ship to patrol the border of Sector
582. Call upon them if you need any help. Be careful Captain, the
Melbourne's first mission should prove to be a difficult one, Blackwell out,"
the screen went out showing the all too calm insignia of the Federation.
"Damn! How can she just dismiss it like that?" asked Williams to no
one in particular. Williams got up and walked to the view port and looked out
at the steely coolness of space, and then the glowing green rift. He shook
himself from his reverie. He walked out onto the bridge. "Commander
Classing, report,"
Jessica turned her eyes away from her panel on the captain's chair and
said, "Commander Mendak has over half of the engineering crew working on a
way to get the other Melbourne back. Commander D'Rem has been escorted to
quarters on deck eight."
"Good, Admiral Blackwell is sending the Triumph to help us in patrol.
With all this going on, I have a plan forming in my head, and I think you're the
perfect person to carry it out. Would you please join me for a drink?" he
"Why Captain. Isn't that a bit un-called for under the circumstances?"
she asked.
"Well, I think I need some relaxation," said Williams as he chuckled.
"What?" asked Jessica.
"Well, its funny. We've barely even begun our career out here and I
am already needing a vacation from my captaincy. What a position!" he said.
"Knowing you, you can get through anything. And besides, I'm always
game for a drink, c'mon." she said as they entered the turbolift.

Williams looked at the doors of the turbolift as the elevator stopped.
The doors hissed open and he saw on the door across the corridor from him
that they were on deck seven section four. They had to walk four sections to
get to Seven-Forward. Oh well, a little walking would never hurt anyone.
When they reached the lounge, the found that it was full of crew
members. Williams and Classing walked up to Doria. "I'll have some
drinking ale," said Williams.
"And I think I'll have a glass of Klingon Fire Wine." Said Classing.
Williams looked at her in surprise.
"'Klingon Fire Wine?'" asked Williams. "That's quite different than
you're regular poison."
"I grew to like it when I was stationed on Hakoria, it was a Klingon
"I never knew you served on a Klingon colony." Said Williams.
"Yeah. It was right before I was posted on the Melbourne."
"Huh. You know after we were split from each other after the LaSalle,
I never thought that we would ever see each other again. Then, when we were
posted together on the Roosevelt, I was overjoyed. Then Wolf 359 hit. I
thought that you had died. But there I saw you on one of the evac ships. Then
I totally lost track of you. But when I saw that there was a certain Lieutenant
Jessica Classing, looking for a job as a chief of security, I grabbed you and you
were promoted to Lieutenant Commander." Said Williams, he then looked
down at his drink and his face became solemn.
"What?" she asked, lowering her head to his, trying to see what was
wrong with him.
"Well, when the Roosevelt was destroyed, I thought in my head that I
would never lose a ship again. But, now here I am, in command of this fine
ship," he said, looking around his ship, "And then a temporal rift opens up and
I see a ship that is as good as destroyed. That made me think a lot. And now, I
am committed to not let things get that way. There's a way Jessica. There has
to be a way to save the Melbourne and not plummet the Federation into a war.
And now," said Bryan as he looked out at the stars, "I will do anything to stop
it, anything."
"Well, like I said, Bryan Williams can get through anything. And if
you survived all those years on the Roosevelt, then I know you can survive
"Well, I hope you're right." Said Bryan.
"Of course I'm right, when have I ever been wrong?" she asked.
"Well, there was that time when we were flanked by some Cardassian
warships and you said that-,"
"Okay, okay, maybe once, but that's all. So, what did she say?" asked
"She said that I have to investigate the 'incident' and she'll leave it in
my capable hands. No help from her, no advice. Well, I guess that's what
admirals expect of captains, to make their own decisions. Well, I have to get
used to this, and I shouldn't be giving myself a bad time because its my first
mission as a captain."
"Sounds about right to me," said Jessica.
"Right now, all I want to do is sit here and drink my drink. After that, I
think I'll wait for Mendak to get done with his experiments on how to bring
the other Melbourne back." Just then, as Williams took a sip of his ale, his
comm badge beeped.
"Mendak to Captain Williams,"
Williams put down his glass and reluctantly tapped his badge.
"Williams here,"
"Sir, I think we have something here. Would you please join us in
"On my way," said Williams.
"So much for your relaxation," said Jessica as the two walked out of
"Really," said Williams as he sighed.

When they reached engineering, Williams was astonished at all the
crew hurriedly walking about doing their duties. Williams looked at the heart
of his ship, the warp drive. Its pulsing blue lights, the low rumble it made. He
looked at Lovak's office to his immediate right. The office had a glass
window looking out at the warp core. It had panels on the wall opposite the
window and a pull down console at the end. There was also a large 'bench' of
console's where he found Lovak and Mendak working. He looked at the rest
of engineering. The 'corridor' he was in had a table with a schematic of the
ship and protruding screens. On the walls, there was more panels. On the left
side of the corridor, there was a large panel with a picture of the Melbourne's
inside. And then there was the second level of engineering which was a glass
floor and a panel bench that was nestled in a corner. And then there was the
little boxes of computer nodes and a door that lead to some Jefferies Tubes.
And to add it sum it all up, there was bright lighting like on the bridge.
"Ah, Captain. I think you should take a look at this." Said Lovak, his
blue skin shining in the light. He punched a few buttons to show a sensor
schematic of the rift. "This is the rift when the Melbourne flew through."
"Yes, how was this rift made?" asked Williams.
"Well, sir, it looks like some type of proton build up over-saturated
space and a temporal rift opened up. I'd say that that other Melbourne was
actually trying to get here and warn us."
"The war must be going pretty badly if Starfleet was desperate enough
to send a ship back through time to warn us. Anyway, how do we find the
other Melbourne?" asked Williams.
Lovak turned back to his console. He punched in a few more
commands. The schematic changed to show another schematic, this time
distorted and twisted, "And this is the rift after the Melbourne disappeared.
Look at all the temporal 'pockets' that have twisted themselves around so
tightly it drew in the other Melbourne so we couldn't track it.
"But, Mendak and I have found a way to find the Melbourne. We
saturate the rift with anti-protons from the main deflector dish and
theoretically, one of those twisted pockets should come loose. But we have no
idea what pocket the Melbourne is in. So, it'll take some time to unravel all of
them. In essence, we will be untwisting time." said Lovak.
"Fascinating," said Williams. "But is there any way to keep the
Melbourne here, in our continuum?"
"Yes, all we would have to do after we found the Melbourne, would be
to pull it out with a tractor beam." Said Lovak, marveling at his work.
"How long would it take to get the main deflector ready?" asked
"I'd say no more than an hour at most. However, we are going to have
to evacuate the entire forward section of the secondary hull, and the lower
three decks of the saucer section." Said Mendak.
"Get on it. Commander Classing, would you please make the
necessary arrangements for the evacuation of those sections." Said Williams.
"Aye sir," said Classing as she walked away.
"I'll be on the bridge if you need me." Said Williams as he walked
away from Lovak's office and down to the turbolift right beside the schematic
panel. He ordered it to take him to the bridge.

When Williams reached the bridge he found Commander Coulon in the
captain's chair. "Good afternoon Commander," said Williams. "Anything to
report?" asked Williams.
"Yes actually. The Romulan ship is being as quiet as a mouse, and the
Joran ship has headed back to Joran VII. It took quite a beating. And
Commander D'Rem is demanding to speak with you."
"Demanding, huh?" asked Williams. "Where is he?"
"He's waiting for you in the observation lounge." Said Coulon.
"Well, I guess I'll be in the observation lounge, you have the bridge,
notify me of anything,"
"Aye captain," said Coulon as he sat back down. Williams couldn't
wait to get in the lounge and listen to a fuming Romulan tongue lash him about
he kept him waiting. Not. Thought Williams.
He walked in to see D'Rem and Tarkus sitting down with angry looks
on their faces. "Captain Williams, I demand to know why I have been kept
waiting in your ship for over an hour! We are at war!"
"No you're not," said Williams.
"Excuse me?!" said D'Rem.
"D'Rem, do you actually expect me to hear you say that you're at war
with the Joran? I can tell right now, you're lying trough you teeth. Don't give
me any of that 'no treachery' business. The whole way of the Romulans is
treachery. You live on it. So go ahead and leave. But let me warn you," said
Williams, pointing a finger at D'Rem. Just then, his communicator beeped
and he answered it, "Williams here," he said.
"Captain," said Commander Coulon's voice, "The Klidon has just sent
out a tight beam transmission."
"Track it and keep me informed," said Williams, "Williams out,"
Williams returned to his stern expression with D'Rem, "A tight beam
transmission huh? What could that be for? A possible call for more ships?
Well, whatever it is, I'm not going to worry about it until the time comes."
Lied Williams. He does care about what it was. The Melbourne's computer
had captured the transmission in time for it to analyze it and try to break it, that
transmission could be the ticket out of this mess. Williams again turned to
D'Rem and said "But let me warn you, if you go towards Joran VII, I will not
hesitate to open fire upon you, clear?" sad Williams.
"Very, although I don't think you're ship will be much of a threat."
Said D'Rem. Williams couldn't take this Romulan bad mouthing his ship like
"Goodbye, D'Rem," said Williams. He pointed to the security guards
to escort them to the bridge. "Whew," said Williams.

Williams was on the bridge, waiting for Lovak to get done with his
anti-proton beam. D'Rem and his henchmen had beamed over to the Klidon
about fifteen minutes ago. The Klidon cloaked shortly thereafter. Williams
just bet that they were heading for Joran VII. Meanwhile, the computer was
still trying to break that Romulan transmission. Williams took a moment to
breathe. He drew in a breath from his nostrils and let it out through his mouth.
The Romulans were up to something, no matter what that sniveling D'Rem
said. Williams tapped the button on his command chair to open his captain's
log. It said, "Recording." Williams began his log. He smiled at the log of his
logs showing only t

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Alrite Maybe she's Too Long. If i coudl have a email address in which i could submitt this to the contest that would eb great.

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your around a page shorter then what i have so far for my own story, (which im not submitting here as i want this one to atleast get finished and ready for any KIND of distro without so much as a hint to the story prior to getting it for anyone.

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