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The Patrol

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Posted 18 June 2004 - 04:41 PM

Time Frame:Post Nemisis
The Patrol

Captains Log, Stardate 535636. The Sabres tour of duty is coming to a end after a month of patrolling the edge of the Federation-Romulan neutral zone, we have a week left to this tour, where at the end of this the crew has a shore leave on Risa, I guess theres a first time for everything,
The crew has functioned beautifully, I've seen some realtionships born here and some hysterical moments, I can only hope I get the same crew on my next assingment
[The remainder of the log has been coded for level 10 acess only, Reason, Personal information]End Log.

The Captain strecthes out in his chair and stands up he walks out of his ready room to the familar crew, Jackson at helm, Larres (note Larres prounced Lar-es) at ops, Joy the bolian and resident comedian not to mention Cheif enigeer Ned at securirty, half human half betazoid, and Les the Captains first officer.

The Captain sat down in his chair and looked around the bridge, he looked over at Les, they had been friedns since the academy, he rembered how there assignments split them up
before he was a captain they both on the Yeager, he rembered the time they spent and how frustrated he was when he found out that his Captain sposored him for a promiton he was happy yet sorrowed to lead a life of seclussion, just then interupting his thoughts Ops called out,
"Captain there is a small vessel emerging from the neutral zone."
The Captain bolt staright upright "What?" He stared at the view screen and asked "Ops hail the vessel"
"Aye sir" The Captain stared at the small vessel "This is the Uss Sabre, please indentify yourself."
Ops stared at the panel "No response sir."
"Larres can you identify what class of vessel that is?"
"On it sir." Ops worked over the controls the bridge crew hung in silence as they waited, the captian could feel the tention. "Sir." Ops turned around in his chair "It is a fedrtion desinged civilian trnasport."

"What how did it get out here, scan for life sings" said Les
"Yes Ma'am" the Captain paused "Ned stand by shields" Ned moved his hand into postion "Aye Sir" Ops swivled around in his chair once more "Two life sines sir" Les looked shocked
and said"Take us within transporter range but do not cross the neutral zone" Helm looked down at his console and replied "Yes Ma'am"

Ops called out "We've entred transporter range" Les looked over at ops "Beam them out" Ops looked back down at his console and said "Yes Ma'am" Moments later ops said "They are aboard" The Captain looked at ops "There status?" Ops looked at the console once more. "Transporter room reports they are aboard, they say they lost enginer power and had been drifitng there for a week or so." The captain looked puzzled "Why didn't they call for help?" Ops stared at the Captain "They say they where unaware how the comm device worked"

The Captain relaxed "Ops let them know they will be home in a week." Ops smiled "Aye sir"

Captains log supplemental, what turned out to be a
un-eventful tour turned into a short resuce misson, I'm sure those pasenger will never go on a trip without having a basic knowledge of how a the comm channel works. Computer, End Log

The End,I do belive I made that a little long...

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