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Star Trek - Conspiracy

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Posted 18 June 2004 - 05:19 AM


STORY: Lieutenant Sam Lavelle was glad he was back on the Enterprise. Even if it was a different model with a different letter. It still had the same crew and the same spirit. He even had a bridge position again, with one difference. He was now on Alpha shift. The newest helmsman of the USS Enterprise.-E. He even heard Taurik was going to be transferred back soon. Alyssa Ogawa was already here, so they might be able to get their old poker game back. Except for...

He was walking through the corridors of this wondrous ship, when someone spoke to him.
“Lieutenant Lavelle.”
Sam turned, and saw Lieutenant Commander Data.
“Yes sir?”
“I just wanted to take this opportunity and welcome you back to the Enterprise.”
“Thank you, sir.”
“Tell me, after the Enterprise-D was destroyed, where were you assigned?”
“Teaching phaser proficiency at the Academy.”

The conversation was just catching up, but Sam admitted to himself it was good to see Data again. He took the next turbolift to the Bridge.

After a few days of getting reacquainted and newly acquainted with crewmembers, Sam was getting used to life back on the Enterprise. Then, something strange started to happen.

“Captain, I’m picking up an unidentified vessel closing in on the Enterprise at high warp.” Data said.
“Is there any reason to think the vessel may be hostile?” Picard asked.
“It appears heavily damaged…two other ships are firing on it, sir.”
“Red alert.” Picard said.
The lights on the bridge dimmed, and the red lights flashed.
“Sir, the two attacking ships are of Dominion design.” Data reported.
“Suggestions?” Picard said.
“It’d probably be best if we disabled them and saved this ship they’re attacking.” Riker said.
“Open a channel” Picard ordered.
The short ‘beep’ of channel open was heard, and Picard said,
“Dominion vessels! Call off your attack! You have violated Federation space! Surrender your ships immediately!”
Data waited, then finally said, “No response, sir.”
“Lieutenant Lavelle, intercept the Dominion vessels. Tactical, ready phasers and quantum torpedoes.”
Lavelle did as he was told, and they came to the sight of the attack.
“We’re in visual range now, sir.” Data said.
“On screen.”
The viewscreen came to life with two relatively small Dominion vessels attacking a Cardassian scoutship. When the smaller ships saw the Enterprise, they retreated and went to warp.
“Shall I pursue, sir?” Sam asked.
“No, all stop Lieutenant.”
Sam answered all stop.
“Sir, the scoutship is hailing us.” Data said.
“On screen.”
The viewscreen now showed a Cardassian with a large wound running down his cheek.
“Captain, thank you for the assistance.”
“Your government is currently at war with the Federation. Please explain your being in Federation space.”
“Captain, I have vital information regarding a Starfleet officer who is being used as a slave. I was in the same camp with this person, and it is because of her that I am here now. I found the closest Federation starship I could. You must do something to help a fellow member of Starfleet.”
Captain Picard stared for a moment.
“Please prepare to transport aboard my ship.”
“Gladly Captain.”
---------------------TO BE CONTINUED------------------------

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Posted 18 June 2004 - 05:54 AM

Shouldn't this be in a seperate topic?
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Posted 18 June 2004 - 01:51 PM

I'd split the topic, but someone *cough* Phenix *cough* has neglaected to give me moderator privilages here ;)

By the way thats a good story, can't wait for the next part.


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Posted 18 June 2004 - 02:56 PM

Thar we go.




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Posted 19 June 2004 - 02:24 AM

The Bridge was empty of senior officers. They were in the conference room for over an hour with the Cardassian. Lavelle had the bridge for the first time since the holodeck command training back at the Academy. Then, a beep echoed through the bridge.
“Lieutenant Lavelle, please report to the briefing room.”
The voice belonged to Captain Picard.
Sam tapped his combadge, and said “On my way, sir.”
Sam got up from his station and walked to the back of the bridge, towards the briefing room. He walked in. The Cardassian had been treated by Dr. Crusher, and he was sitting to the Captain’s right.
“Have a seat, Lieutenant.” The Captain said.
Sam did so, sitting by Counselor Troi.
“Kuvedd, why don’t you tell the lieutenant what you’ve told me.”
Kuvedd, Sam guessed, was the Cardassian’s name. He promptly turned to Sam’s direction.
“I came from a Cardassian facility on Cymkoe IV. The officers as well as the government calls it a penal colony. For some, that is why they are there. But, four years ago, a young Bajoran woman was brought into the camp. She looked as though she had been brutally beaten. At first, during the work shift, she would not talk to me. But I then told her the reason I was sent there, and we began to talk. She told me why she was there.
“She told me that she was to help a Cardassian operative for the Federation back to Cardassian space, appearing as his prisoner. The operative turned on her, and hailed the nearest Galor class Cardassian cruiser. The operative succeeded in holding her for a moment, however, as the cruiser pulled up she got to the escape pod. She was then transported onto the cruiser. After the transport, the cruiser destroyed the escape pod. That was five years ago. Through all the five years, her wounds never seemed to disappear. Just recently, a raid was attempted by what I believe were Klingons. When the power went out at the camp, she saw me safely out. I attempted to save her as well, but the guards grabbed her. Not having time, I ran to the scoutship that you found me in. I killed the pilot, and left as fast as the ship allowed. You then found me, with my life support systems inoperative. I had seven minutes of oxygen left when you found me.”

The Captain turned to Sam, and said:
”Lieutenant, we believe that he is speaking of Sito Jaxa.”
Sam froze. Could it be possible? He remembered the Captain announcing over the all-call on the Enterprise-D the announcement of her death. He remembered how hard it hit him. Could it be possible that Sito was alive?

------------------TO BE CONTINUED--------------------




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Posted 26 June 2004 - 06:23 AM

A strategy was being formulated to rescue the Starfleet officer, as well as others if possible. Sam didn’t know about any of the plans, and that angered him. If it was Sito, then he knew he had to do anything he can to rescue her. Minutes passed. Hours. Finally, Commander Riker and Lieutenant Commander Data walked out of the ready room. He got up quickly and walked towards the door. Touched the chime, and Captain Picard said, “Come.”

Sam walked in.
“Ah, Lieutenant. Is there something you wish to discuss?”
“Yes, sir.” Sam said.
He then began. “Sir, I’m very concerned about this mission.”
“Oh? And why is that Mr. Lavelle?”
“Sir, I’m sure you are undoubtedly aware that I was a friend of Ensign Jaxa.”
“Yes, I was.”
“Sir, let me participate in the mission to extract her.”
Picard let out a sigh, sat down in his chair, and tucked down on his uniform.
“I’m afraid that is out of the question.”
“May I ask why?”
“Lieutenant, you are a junior officer aboard this ship. However, you are a valuable member at your post. Your specialty at the Academy was not in missions away from the ship.”
“Sir, when I was at the Academy, there was a student a year younger than me. He specialized in piloting, but now, according to our last transmission, Alex helps lead a new breed of away team in the Delta Quadrant aboard Voyager. I can move above and beyond what I majored in.”
Picard thought deeply about this.
“Lieutenant, I’m starting to get the sense that it’s more than your abilities. What is the truth.?”
Sam should have expected this. But he was prepared to answer truthfully.
“Sir, I feel an obligation to her. When we were aboard the Enterprise-D, she should have gotten the promotion that I received. If I can save her, this is my way of paying her back.”
Picard stared at Sam, thinking. It seemed like an eternity.
“Very well, Lieutenant. Report to tactical training with Lieutenant Braxtan at 1300 hours tomorrow on Holodeck 2. Dismissed.”
Sam was ecstatic. Hold on, Sito He thought. I’m coming.
----------------------TO BE CONTINUED-----------------------

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