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Deep Black Assignment.

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Posted 16 June 2004 - 09:52 PM

Heres the first chapter from my fanfic :unsure:

Chapter 1: The Suprise

The air was light in Captain Alex Kingston’s lungs as he sighed. He had only been a captain for a few hours, but already he felt the pressure of being a captain. He knew he would have to start spending a month or two searching Star Fleet's personnel records for a crew to his new ship.

At least he was getting a new ship, after all most new captains got old cargo ships as their first assignment, he thought. He looked up at the night sky and wondered what adventures he would have in the coming years aboard his ship, his. The smell of his mothers home cooking wafted though the night air.

As soon as he had found out he had called his parents, telling them of the news. They had immediately invited him over for a celebration meal, which of course he had accepted. When he had arrived his father had patted him on the back. His mother was almost crying. Though her sobs of joy she had managed to say how proud they both where to have a Star Fleet captain in the family.

This had unsettled Alex a little since his parents had always been against him joining Star Fleet. He knew that they had grown accustom to him being in Star Fleet, yet the fact they were over the moon about him being promoted to the rank of captain wasn’t what he was quite expecting. After talking with his parents for a while he had gone outside to get some fresh air.

He sat bolt upright. Was this to good to be true, captains never get command of a Titan class star ship for their first assignment plus it was newer than the Sovereign class and the Prometheus class. Alex gave himself a hard pinch to make sure he wasn’t dreaming, and a sharp pain told him he was not dreaming.

Alex stood up and started to head back to the farm house, where the smell of his mothers cooking was coming from. On the way he stroked the long corn crops, knowing that in two months it would be impossible for him to do so. People had told him holodeck’s where just as good as reality, but Alex just didn’t believe it. When he was on a holodeck he made him feel claustrophobic, even though he could not see any walls around him.

When he got back to the house, the first thing he noticed was the table had the families best china laid, and his father was busy neatly placing napkins at each seat. He cleared his throat. His father looked around with a beaming smile.

“I didn’t ‘ear you come back son, Samantha is busy in the kitchen preparing your favourite meal. Alex, sit down and have some wine. Samantha darling, Alex is back.”

Alex sat down and let his father pour him some “Picard 2387”. His father went into the kitchen and returned moments later with a large silver palter. He looked at the platter and saw a large pile of sausages, with mashed potato, peas. His mother came out of the kitchen shortly after his father with a large jug of gravy.

His mother and father sat down, and they all dug in. It was delicious food, and as his father hadn’t faltered to point out all from his family farm. He couldn’t have been having a better time. Talk turned to Alex’s new position within Star Fleet.

“So, what kind of star ship have they given to you dear?” his mother asked.

“Well all I know is it is a Titan class, they are the new deep space multiuse vessels that Star Fleet have been developing for a few years.” he replied.

“What, you don’t even know the name… they are giving you a new star ship? I thought they never gave new captains a brand new star ship on the first assignment.” there was a sound of curiosity in his father’s voice.

“Yea I know dad, I don’t understand why they have given me a brand new star ship. I wasn’t even expecting to be promoted. But I am promoted and I have been given a new star ship. They are expecting me at Star Fleet Command headquarters tomorrow at 10:30 in the morning.”

“Well dear, you better get some sleep in that case. It sounds like you have a long day tomorrow. How about you sleep in your old room, we’ve left it exactly how you had it all those years ago.” His mother asked kindly.

“Thanks mum, but I really have to get back to my apartment, because I’ve got some forms to fill in before tomorrow. Well, thanks for the meal. I really enjoyed it.” He sighed, it had been a great evening, but he had to get back to get ready for the following day.

His parents accompanied him to the local transporter station, where they said their goodbyes before he was transported back to San Francisco. He walked back to his apartment where he sat on the sofa and picked up the nearest pad, which was entitled “Captain Promotion Papers” and he started to read…

More soon - possibly :D
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