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Seven Years in the Accobar System

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#1 Grizz



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Posted 22 December 2014 - 10:58 PM

This is just a copy from a post at The Last Outpost which I wanted to leave here should any former members of the roleplays in question should stumble upon it. Not to mention passing along my thanks to everybody involved in RPG-X's development over the years. It has been quite the adventure.


So here we are.
Seven years from the day that Star Trek: Asteroid Base launched with a special pilot which didn't feature an Asteroid Base, didn't feature an Asteroid Field, didn't feature the Accobar System or the Tyrella Sector and took place on a ship which would never be seen again with a crew which would be heavily mixed up by January. But nevertheless, it remains the start of a roleplaying saga which has endured and come back from the dead - four times. 
I decided to strip back the fuss of last year's anniversary. No begging Serris for a special Accobar-based forum background or sending out email invites to every former member I can track down. Not even an anniversary special. We'll sweep that under the rug - for now   ;) If all goes to plan, 2014-15 will be the final year to host a 'Star Trek: Asteroid Base' roleplay and AB: Alpha can finally rest in peace. It is still a nuisance that any final installment should be without the Asteroid Base map. But you know what... it started without Asteroid Base: Alpha... so it will end without it, too.  ^-^ Even without the two-part special on this side of the new year, that's not to say that this hasn't been an important year for the series. Many questions that were raised in Asteroid Base were finally answered and the main storyline was given what closure I could muster for it. 
For a series which wasn't supposed to extend beyond ten episodes, the journey that Asteroid Base started is still ongoing for the residents of the Accobar system. This RPG-X magnum opus will one day die a final death, but until then I can only continue to thank everybody who has been involved in the production and roleplaying of both Asteroid Base & Asteroid Field. Even if you only took part in one episode, said it was crap and moved on with your life. Your honesty has been appreciated.
Unfortunately, the second part of Accobar: The [no-so] Full Story is not ready for release - so for now I can only recommend the first part - charting my personal & RPG-X lives during my first encounter with Elite Force, RPG-X and the creation of Asteroid Base. Find it at the prior link or in the Writer's Corner.
I hope that it has been worth giving up a part of your Saturdays for, be it now or five years ago. As long as a server full of roleplayers has been satisfied at one point or another - then it has been worth the trip. No matter what becomes of Amber Munro in the Asteroid Base finale or the crew of Pioneer in the upcoming fifth season of Asteroid Field, we have come this far and that has been quite the experience on it's own. I know that people generally don't tend to leave comments on things like these - but please feel free to share your thoughts on your time with these roleplays - whether you're a current of past member of either.
Extra special thanks to Quy, Vanguard, LynxMukka & Griffiths. Without them, Asteroid Base would never have survived as long as it has, and Asteroid Field would never have came to be. That's not to mention the technical team at Ubergames (past & present) and here at The Last Outpost. The roleplay would of course be quite moot without a platform to host it on.
Never forget, Telex Ferra. Never forget.
Thank you all once again - I hope to see you on the server soon  ^-^




#2 TiM



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Posted 27 December 2014 - 04:19 PM

Thanks a lot Grizz! What a ride it's been! :)

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