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RPGXEF and Vanderbilt Loading Issues

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Posted 13 July 2013 - 08:47 PM

Hi all,
I'm posting this on TLO and cross-posting it to UberGames and EscapedTurkey to get some input from the developers and other server runners.
As many of you know, we've recently had some pretty serious issues with certain maps on the RPGXEF server, particularly during SRPs (particularly particularly during Asteroid Field and on the vanderbilt_v3 map). The problems started some months ago, but seem now to have escalated (with the growing popularity of the SRP, in my opinion) to the point where we sometimes can't actually run AF as we had planned to. I'm posting this here in the hopes that others will let me know if they've experienced similar issues, and so that the developers and those with mapmaking knowledge can help us figure out where to go from here.
Essentially, the issue is thus: We run an RPGXEF server (version 8.4.4, though we could upgrade if it were stable/fixed the problems we have) on EscapedTurkey with 512 MB of RAM available. The server seems to work well on most maps (has anyone had issues with it?) and at any player number <=10 (<= 15 on some maps). However, under the right conditions - big maps like Iowa or Vanderbilt, and lots of players (10 or more usually), the following happens:
When the map is changed, some players get in and some don't. Who gets disconnected seems essentially random, and it's usually "a reliable command was cycled out," "singal loss" or some other silly error like that. Sometimes, everyone gets in, sometimes, nobody does.
Anyone who attempts to reconnect after this is stuck at "awaiting gamestate" perpetually and never actually manages to join the server - occasionally somebody gets through but again, it seems essentially random as to who. 
The only remedy to this is to restart the server, load a reasonably non-taxing map (like Poseidon) and try again once everyone has reconnected - and sometimes even this doesn't work and the map is completely inaccessible. 
What seems to be happening, as far as I can tell, is that rpgxEF is loading the map but then never actually triggering the players' clients to do the same. I'm not sure what's going on network-side or server-side to fix this, and the logs really aren't any help.
I figured I'd open it up to all of you, then: Have you had similar issues? Did anything work to fix it in your case? 
Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

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Posted 14 July 2013 - 08:48 AM

Just as a note for all I replied on the TLO forums.

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