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I give up ...

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Posted 06 April 2013 - 01:46 PM

I give up, I totally give up. Congratulations on your victory Mr. Oliver because at this point, I don't want to be a member here anymore. Had I known that it would come to this, then I would never ever allowed my work to be used with the RPG-X modification nor would I wasted my time developing maps for said modification.

So I'm "entitled to anything you've done" ?? Interesting notion since I'm apperantly not the only one because how about this member or this member, who even asked another question and while we are at it, how about this Ubergames staff member here and here ?? Are they "entitled to anything" too then ??

Yes, they are or at least according to your own reasoning as stated in response to Harry Young's comment so please tell me why out of at least four forum members, I am the only one who should offer an apology to Janeway ??

No, Mr. Oliver. You are holding a personal opinion, one where even an Ubergames staffmember elaborated on, against me and qualified and classified me as a lesser human being and subsequently use it to hammer me unproportionally and unreasonably hard with just because you do not agree with it. If it is truly something that you are against, then why isn't it fairly and equally consistent being applied throughout ALL members of the Ubergames forums or is it just being used as a scapegoat because you don't like me very much ?? I believe the latter . . .

According to your own words, I have "mocked" Janeway for not working on her map for 6 months. Well Mr. Oliver, if that is the case and you don't like it and subsequently want me to apologize to Janeway for mocking her, then why you do you mock me repeatedly with your blatend use of smilies, especially the one where the tongue is sticked out, commonly knows as ":-P" ?? Have you been mocking me or is it an attempt from you to "lighten the mood" ?? If it has been the first, then I think that everyone here will agree with me when I say that sticking out your tongue is often being considered as a sign of "mocking" the other person. If it is the latter, then Harry Young has said something regarding that in which everyone here will agree on, even the people you have consulted regarding my ban:


what to you might sound like a joke to others can be an insult

At least I'm not the only one who has "mocked" or has made a "joke" towards someone here. How about the time when another member has mocked a non-English forum member by blatantly throwing an on-line dictionary towards him or the time where an Ubergames staffmember even ABUSED his administrative privileges in order to play a "joke" onto a non-English forum member ??

Hocking ultimately apologized for his actions but I never saw a public apology from that staffmember in question to that particular forum member nor do I see a demand for such in similar or identical fashion from your end as you have demanded from me. No, you didn't and you haven't. What you did instead, was "mock" the whole situation with a ":-P" smilie and threatend to create a "special uber-nerfed account group". How respectful is that to that particular non-English forum member or to other members in general who hail from non-English countries or does everybody here agree with your notion that insulting someone who's level of the English language isn't at parr with any native English speaking person or someone who has had more exposure to the language, is a form of "light trolling" ?? I certainly don't but apperantly I am the only who finds this disrespectfull behaviour from an administrator no less, the same administrator who will not hesitate in telling others that they have been disrespectfull towards the community and holds it against them . . .

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is exactly what happened: Timothy Oliver himself was "mocked" and that made it a whole different ballgame. All other insults/jokes/mockings aimed at other members can count on his signature ":-P" smilie if he chooses to participate at all but the moment such insult/joke/mock or whatever is aimed at him, then it becomes personal and subsequently all bets are off and quite frankly, I don't have the desire to participate in, nor the intention to be affiliated through my work with an enviroment where certain people, especially Ubergames staffmembers, can apperantly do as they please but the moment a regular member makes an similar if not identical insult in nature in the direction of Timothy Oliver as I did, then that member is being qualified and classified as sub-human and delt with accordingly to that vision because Timothy Oliver is in a very comfortable position to do so. I ask you lot this: is that even fair ??

No isn't, far from it and I even dare to say that it's disrespectful and a blatant disregard from Timothy Oliver's end towards other members who have been insulted here, just as it is disrespectful when a question asked by this member was met with an insulting response (I would very much like to see any of you answering a question from your respective bosses in such fashion) from which to date, NO ONE other then myself seems to be bothered enough to make a comment regarding those kind of 'answers' NOR do I see any comments and/or actions from any Ubergames staffmembers against such outings while everyone, including Ubergames staffmembers, seems to be in line waiting to hammer me down with comments regarding my behaviour. Where was everybody then when other insults were dished out and am I the only one who finds it extremely rude and impolite whenever someone askes a question but subsequently does not recieve an answer within a timely fashion ?? Let him who is without sin cast the first stone . . .

No, Mr Oliver. We both have been wrong and I'm not going to engage myself into a contest of who has been the most wrong of us. You seem to be very keen on how I conduct myself but are subsequently impervious for what was happening in general here on the Ubergames forums regarding 'jokes' and 'insults' and most of all, the state this community was in because where was Timothy Oliver when an Ubergames staffmember abused his administrative privileges to play a joke, other then the threat of creating a "special uber-nerfed account group" ?? Where was Timothy Oliver when a member was insulted because his pitch for an RPG-X serial roleplay regarding Section 31 isn't conform established Trek lore ?? Where was Timothy Oliver when a member was insulted when he asked a question regarding the status of an RPG-X map ?? Where was Timothy Oliver when a member was thrown an online dictionary because his level of the English language wasn't at parr with native speakers of the language and yes, where was Timothy Oliver when I declared something canceled ??

Absolutely and totally NOWHERE to be seen, apart from the one instance where an Ubergames staffmember was concerned but what happens when Timothy Oliver HIMSELF is being "mocked" ?? Then ladies and gentlemen, there he is like some genie out of the bottle: Timothy Oliver, the righteous administrator dealing with the "whole" situation. Pretty obvious wouldn't you say or am I the only one who finds this narrow minded, very selective and extremely selfish behaviour from a so-called "administrator" to only take action whenever he is being insulted ?? Apperantly I am . . .

No, Mr Oliver. Once again, I come with arguments and once again you act like a spoiled little prick by using whatever scapegoat you can lay your hands on to dismiss the entire issue at hand and where the hell do you even get the impulent nerve to demand a public apology and to call on my outlook ?? Well Mr Oliver, speaking of the subject of public apologies: where is Scooter's public apology for the fact that he abused his adminitrative priviledges to play a 'joke' ?? Where is your public apology for the fact that you 'mocked' that particular situation and therefor insulted EVERYONE who do not hail from English territories ?? Where is GSIO01's public apology for the fact that he has been extremely rude and impolite and where is Alex Ooiue's public apology for his insult onto another member and I never, ever gotten a personal apology from that same Alex Ooiue for his flame PM he has sended me !! So again Mr Oliver, why out of at least five instances where a public or personal apology is in order, I am the only one who has recieved a demand for a public apology ??

No, Mr Oliver. You have been unreasonable, unfair and extremely unprofessional by solely focussing on the insult you have recieved because let's be honest, shall we ?? If Alex Ooiue would've told you to fuck off, then he would've been banned instantly and especially if you were the recipitant of that particular PM but since his insults weren't aimed for you, no administrative actions were imposed on him while I find myself being regarded as some untermensch deprived of all basic courtesies that makes us human because I have dared to insult you: Timothy Oliver, the administrator. Therefor Mr Oliver, you have lost sight and you have lost perspective of the entire matter at hand and subsequently are offended when I made some justified comments regarding your credability as an administrator.

Therefor Mr Oliver, you may think that you don't have anything to apologise for but the facts tell an entirely different story and if you have integrity and if you have character, you apologize publicly, for that fact that an Ubergames staffmember abused his administrative privileges without proper and due consequences. You apologize publicly, for the fact that you have insulted every non-English forum member by mocking that particular situation. You apologize publicly, for your failure to act whenever due action was required and you apologize publicly, for your failure to view matters in a broader perspective other then what you have applied so far. Then and only then you have somewhat of a right to call on the outlook of others and then I will make some public apologies using my original account.

If not, then I will depart these forums with the knowledge that indeed I have been wrong but also with the knowledge that I am the only one mature enough to view this in much broader perspective and in the correct context other then the "me" and "mine" alone view you wish to apply and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my outlook! An outlook where I treat each and everyone fairly but formost equally with the proper respect and regard to the entire situation based upon facts rather then singling out that what only concerns and affects me. An outlook where if I would demand an apology from someone who has insulted me, I would demand an identical apology from anyone who has insulted someone else, especially those who carry an "administrator" or in this case an "Ubergames" tag and no-one will disagree with me when I say that is a just and fair outlook.

Do with this as you please, but given our previous dealings you will not hesitate to classify and qualify this as another "less then civil reply and an insult to your character" and will deal with it according to that vision. I don't care anymore but do know that no-one will not be able to say that I don't have some strong arguments. That is if they are allowed to have a say on any of the arguments I have brought forward and if you are so convinced that you are right, why not let others confirm that ??



#2 Harry Young

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Posted 06 April 2013 - 03:57 PM

Alright, I'm going to close this for comments. Since you're still banned anyways we'll see if you get a full response.

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Posted 06 April 2013 - 04:31 PM

Having a nice relaxing evening in Japan here. I have no motivation to actually read that, so I will be brief. 


I have two things to say. :)


1) When the height of your maturity level is to slander me on your blog because you didn't get your way, I can't really help you anymore. http://puu.sh/2uZND.png

2) It's UberGames, not Ubergames. Please get the branding right. XD


I'm out. Have a nice weekend everyone! ^_^



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