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Welcome to UberGames!

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Posted 10 March 2008 - 04:35 AM

Greetings and Welcome to the UberGames Forum!

Thank you for registering on this forum and for taking the time to read this introduction.
We're very happy to have you join this forum and I hope you enjoy your time here.

This is the official forum of the UberGames Group, a small collaboration of online friends who enjoy developing for games as much as they enjoy playing them.

UberGames was first formed in 2003 after a collaboration between myself and Dom gave birth to the Elite Force Kill Tracker applet.
Since then, we've been working on various other projects, each of varying magnitude, all of which we've streamlined under the common name of UberGames.
As time has gone by and we started working on a bigger project, other people have started coming into the fold, each with their own superb amount of creativity.

To that end, it is our goal that through our efforts, we can develop content of all ranges for the benefit of gamers around the world. Although this originally meant building tiny generic Windows applets, this has now started to expand to much more, up to and including the potential creation of actual standalone games.

The point of this forum is to not only provide a place where we can provide support for the projects we've created, but to also ultimately foster a community where similar-minded people can come to converse about not just gaming but other similar things such as games development as well as general media.

As such, I hope you enjoy coming to this board and that you find it an enjoyable experience, and a valuable source of knowledge.

Happy Gaming!


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