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Star Trek: Full Circle - A new non-aligned serial roleplay!

USS Voyager USS Dauntless USS Capitoline USS Viminal Star Trek: Full Circle SRP Star Trek Online 2413
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Posted 18 January 2013 - 03:00 AM





Starfleet Communiqué Alpha Bravo SF-066719
Subject: Project Full Circle
Date: May 13th, 2413, 1200 hours - Stardate 90363.01
To: Federation News Network
From: Janeway, Kathryn Elizabeth - Vice Admiral, Starfleet Command

The Borg's invasion of Vega Colony was a major upheaval that has left us scrambling to fight a war on five different fronts. So far, we've managed to contain them, but our dwindling resources are no match for the Collective's mighty perseverance. Starfleet Command projects that, without formally ending our war with the Klingon Empire and combining forces against the Borg, we could be facing an overwhelming invasion within the next six months. Because of this, we've needed to look into more unconventional solutions.

The heart of the Borg Collective lies deep within the Delta Quadrant, a vastly unexplored region of space that, to date, has only been visited by four Federation starships. The leading strategic analysts at Starfleet Tactical believe that the key to defeating the Borg lies somewhere within their space. With so many enemies knocking on our doorstep, we've been hard-pressed to find ships we can spare for this assignment. Starfleet Command is formally recommissioning the Starship Voyager to spearhead the Full Circle initiative, along with the Starships DauntlessCapitoline, and Viminal. They will be performing reconnaissance in Borg space, our eyes and ears in the Delta Quadrant. Their mission: to seek out allies and technologies that can end this threat once and for all.







                  Star Trek: Full Circle is an adaptation of the Star Trek: Voyager novel continuity, set in the Star Trek Online timeline. It's been four years since the initial Borg attack on Vega Colony. Starfleet is no closer to stopping them now than they were then. As a last-ditch effort to find a way to slow the Borg's advance, Voyager is reactivated to serve as the flagship of Project Full Circle, a four-ship task force assigned to scout the Delta Quadrant for allies, technologies, and weaknesses that may aid Starfleet in its desperate battle to contain and eliminate the Borg threat.


                 What makes Full Circle different from other serial roleplays is that it's actually five in one. We plan to treat this as a dynamic universe with far-reaching consequences, rather than a self-contained story that only affects one crew. VoyagerCapitolineDauntless, and Viminal will each have their own unique plots, branching from a unified central arc. Meanwhile, Starbase 234 in the Tau Dewa sector will bring insight into Starfleet's political and territorial struggles back home. Any developments in one crew's journey can affect how all the others play out.


                 Full Circle is a nonaligned series, meaning anyone from any group can participate however they want! If you don't want to create a new character, you can bring over a character from Star Trek Online, or even your clan. Just remember, any character histories that clash with The Path to 2409 or Star Trek Online's narrative will need to be adjusted to fit the new universe.


Interested? You can find more details and sign up here!

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Posted 30 January 2013 - 06:42 PM

Star Trek: Full Circle will be premiering its pilot episode, "The Lord's Work," this Friday, February 1st. If you're interested, please be on the second Star Trek Online Community RPG-X Server at 5 PM EST/10 PM GMT. Please note that both servers require rpgxEF and RPG-X 2.2 beta 8.4.4.


/connect rpgx2.storp.org

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