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UberGames.net: Stuff to Do

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#1 TiM



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Posted 10 January 2013 - 05:30 PM

Alrighty. So while the main portion of the site is now live, the whole thing is pretty far from being finished. Getting the main portion live ASAP was pretty crucial as it'll start to give Google time to recover all of the page rankings we used to have (hopefully they're still there XD).


Here's the master list of stuff that still needs doing:


The forum

  • Implement search on the UberGames theme. Can't believe I missed that. XD

The Main Site

  • Links page. A place to collect all of the other UberGames site links (eg bug tracker, wikis etc) in one spot. Maybe also some affiliate linking. :)


  • Um. Gotta get all of the UberGames project files on there, and then start looking at other files we can mirror off it. :) (We seriously have tonnes of space and bandwidth in there. It's awesome!)

The Store

  • More items. As you may have seen, the store is indeed up and running. XD However, it's still lacking a lot of items. I'm going to go through and clean it up and start adding more. :)

The Wikis

  • Erm this one's a challenge. By today's standards, the wikis are horribly out of date. At this point, I'm thinking it might be better to install a fresh copy of MediaWiki, and merge all of the content from the older wikis into it.

Bug tracker

  • Tracking down the backup database for this thing. In the meantime, there's a secondary one that's been setup for the RPG-X beta test.


I'll be trying to knock these off one-by-one. We'll have to see which ones are the highest priority now... hrmm...

#2 RedTechie


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Posted 03 February 2013 - 05:19 PM

I would probably say Forum Search is top priority.


I want to see if it's possible to fix the URL for the files section also. so we have a nice URL of http://files.ubergames.net. At the very least I can make a redirect but I rather have a persistent transparent redirect through the whole file section.

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#3 TiM



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Posted 16 February 2013 - 11:28 AM

Yup. Not having forum search is a bit dodgy. ^_^;


One thing I was worrying about a bit with forum search is where it should go exactly. ^_^; On the default vBulletin theme, it's located in the top banner, in line with the site logo, but in this theme, that's taken up with UberGames.net links.


I wonder if it wouldn't look too dodgy if I just included a search bar on the left hand side of the user login information (eg the messages and the userCP links).


I'll have to have a play.


Aw, I originally made UberGames Files a separate subdomain since it's technically more a part of the forum (eg, you can use your forum account there to post comments and ratings) than the main UberGames.net domain. If you want to have a play with it, feel free. :D



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