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Question about the "camera"

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#1 Sandro


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Posted 16 February 2011 - 09:02 PM

I've created a simple, small mod for Elite force holomatch,
and i have now a question.

As i know, the playermodel ist divided in two separate models:
the "body" and the "head". The head can be rotated apart from the rest of the body.
Normaly, the Camera in the Third person view is following the movement
from the Objekt "body"

For example:
when I look down(in 3.ps) is my head changing position, my player is leaning to the fromt. The "head " model changes the vertical position.(and the horizontal)
BUT the camera remains in the selfsame position, the camera rotates only, looking to the "crosshair".
According to this, the camera position(x,y,z) depends on the position and rotation of the body, not the head.

I would like,that the camera depends on the rotation and position of the head, pointing still to the "crosshair"

So i want, that: if i'm looking down the camera(position) is changing to a position right behind my head, not just staying over the center of the model "body" like it is now.

Can someone help me,please? It is a problem, i cannot resolve.
My Programming knowledge is limited(very) so i woud be pleased, if someone give me the whole solution, not just a hint ;) ... i searched so long.

maybe its a command like: fix camera to head; i dont know.

I am hoping for a simple console command, but i think the solution isn't such easy to recieve...If you want, i can send you my little mod, when i'm finished...but it isn't very great, just some modifikations.

sorry for my bad school english..and i thank you for the answers!!:D

#2 JDavid



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Posted 21 February 2011 - 11:42 AM

Your mouse should be what moves with the crosshair rather than the model view buttons.

Otherwise, I dont really get what you mean..

#3 Sandro


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Posted 21 February 2011 - 10:42 PM

ok i demonstrate it with some screenshots...
firstly, an impression:
look at "norm.jpg"
and "waffenhand.jpg"- you can see in contrast to the original game your shoulder and the weapon in an realistic mode.not just "nothing"or just the "view model" like in the original.

secondly, a picture, where one can see the model difference between "body" and "head:
look at "kopf.jpg" - you can see, that the "head" is looking in one direction, which is diffrent from the direction of the "body"( a small diffrence.)- this direction(head) is slightly top right.
If you know the mod "rpg-x" you know, that the head can be moved comletely in an diffrent direction to the body. sometimes you see the end of your "neck" looking out of your soulder.

thirdly, one can see my real problem:
look at " halbunten.jpg"
and "nach unten schauen.jpg"

here you can see, that the camera isn't fixed at the "head " of the player, the camera is fixed on the "body" of the player. otherwise the camera would look at the earth, not at the heads backside.the camera's position is over the position of the body.

What i want is that the camera is in the center of the "head" model, everytime. not just if i look straight forward and the head's center is over the body's center.

i hope you understand now.... and i hope i don'T want to much...

P.S. how can i use the laserlight from eliteforce in holomatch? for example as crosshair...deaktivate the existimg one and take the crosshair, so other player can see where you look WHEN you aktivate it...is it legal to take the laserlight from rpg-x? if yes, how?

thanks for the reply....XD

#4 GSIO01


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Posted 25 February 2011 - 11:22 AM

To change the the third person view you have to adjust/change the game code on client side (cg_view.c). Sorry that it's just a hint but I don't have the time to give you a complete solution ... nor do I think it's good to hand out complete solutions. Solving such problems yourself is the best way to improve your programming skills.

#5 Sandro


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Posted 25 February 2011 - 01:07 PM

ok thanks your right, but how i use this console command?

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