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Are Microsoft Points a currency?

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#1 TiM



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Posted 01 May 2010 - 05:13 PM

I'm bordering on triggering a Wikipedia war here... over some information I used to build MicroPoints.:$

Since I'm starting to wonder if I'm crazy doing this, I thought I'd ask a few of you here on your opinion.

So... the Microsoft Points article on Wikipedia.

Originally, there was a chart there that demonstrated the relative exchange rates of the points to world currencies:


This is the main source of where I got my data to build MicroPoints.

A little while ago, another editor got wind of this page and removed the chart, citing 'Wikipedia is not an advertising platform for Microsoft. This data is commercial property'. This is under the assumption that Microsoft Points count as a tangible purchasable product, and that the purpose of this chart is to advertise pricing.

I totally disagree. Since Microsoft Points are being presented as a form of currency, a currency conversion chart is a relevant and useful piece of information to have on this page. It seems a few other people on Wikipedia are

So what do you guys think? If you have your own Wikipedia accounts, feel free to pipe into the discussion page.

And yes, I'm aware this is directly detrimental to MicroPoints (ie, not having the chart makes my app slightly more valuable. XD ), but it's obviously something that lots of people who visit Wikipedia value.

And also yes, I'm aware I probably could be spending my time on better things, but I now want to see this through to completion. :$

#2 Scooter


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Posted 01 May 2010 - 11:43 PM

I don't know much about Microsoft Points, but I would expect they can't be converted back into real currency, so I would not consider the points themselves to be a real currency.

It's been my experience that the more involved people on Wikipedia, and other wiki-type sites, are a bunch of pedantic morons. If Bill Murray were to edit his own wiki entry to note that he likes a glass of warm milk before bed, the wiki police would come along and stamp it with "citation needed".

#3 TiM



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Posted 02 May 2010 - 08:25 AM

Hmm, that's certainly true. But I wonder if that's enough to class them as a commercial product. Certainly since they're supposed to be a stopgap for the purchase of other items, they're an intermediary at the least.

ROFL! That video was awesome. XD
I can certainly understand that sort of point. It easily _could_ have been some 7 year old kid who wrote it. If you're going to open up a database to user-generated content, you have to have at least something to ensure the accuracy of the content.

But yeah, then again, there's definitely such thing as being too pedantic too. :P

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