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Star Trek:New Hope (German RP)

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#1 Ferengi



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Posted 18 November 2009 - 02:58 PM

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Star Trek: New Hope is a german roleplay community with a long and exciting
history. At the beginning we had nothing than our love for rps. We have been
growing over the years.

Today, we are one of the biggest german rp groups. We have diplomatic relations
with Brave Explorers RP. We're proud that nearly all of our members play in both
groups. We offer 2 srp's, one of them is a cooperation between BERP and NH.

Now something about the Storys:

SRP (The older one, NH only):

After the Dominion War the Federation decided to build an
outpost in the gamma quadrant.

They constructed a new type of space station, which is able to work at full
capabilities for
months without supply support from Starfleet.
The station was build the first officers where transfered and began their work at
the station. After the first crew and equipment transporter left the
gamma quadrant through
the DS9 wormhole, the second one was send.
But the second transporter never arrived at the
Modas system.
After some scans, the crew got some shocking news,
the DS9 Wormhole collapsed through

some kind of weapon. Station Modas is now cut of from starfleet and needs to
survive on its own.
After some time the crew accepted the situation and they
formed alliances with some species
of the gamma quadrant, but they already where
heavily attacked from the Terran Empire and
some other species.
Until now the Station was destroyed, rebuild, heavily damaged,
repaired, but we
always got back on our feet. They raised everytime back to full strength,

always with the thoughts of coming home in there minds.
Maybe sometimes they will see there homes again.
But some people won't see the Earth
A lot of people died while they rescued the station. They won't be forgotten.

SRP (Cooperative with BERP):

50 Years after the DS9 Wormhole collapsed, and shortly after the "Nemesis" accident, the
diplomatic relations between the Romulan Empire and the United Federation of Planets
got worse. A time of corruption and ignorance began. Only one Captain doesn't
only follow orders, he is asking why he should execute the orders. After he got the order to
kill his Chief Medical Officer, because she was romulan, he decided to ignore that Order and
hides the Crew and the USS Washington-C. He is trying to bring back the old creeds of the

If you are intrested, feel free to sign in at: http://newhope.0xz.de

;) We want you. ;)

Best regards,
B'Elanna and Marc Torres.

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#2 Jessica Bennet

Jessica Bennet


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Posted 19 November 2009 - 07:42 AM

i once got voted off a german rp server because i wasnt german very rude if i do say so myself

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#3 B'Elanna


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Posted 19 November 2009 - 12:54 PM

That is...rude indeed, but that's an exception.
As long as non-german people join the server and try to participate or don't write anything (in-RP) at all everything's fine, but unfortunately some people get bored then and begin to n00b or just press random buttons. And some try to begin a "second" RP, if e.g. there is already a german RP going on and two english speaking people join the server they sometimes begin an English RP with no regard to the german one, that is...annoying sometimes, especially when red alert is activated etc.

If you didn't do anything like that and got kicked anyway then...well, let's just say it shouldn't happen and it normally doesn't.
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#4 Ferengi



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Posted 03 May 2010 - 11:19 AM

Some days ago we've merged with Brave-Explorers Roleplay. The whole storyline and posts of the NH Forum where imported. We are now available at http://brave-explorers.net

See you there. ;)
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