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EF Engine errors

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Posted 29 October 2009 - 04:12 PM

Hey I just was looking around the mapping corner and noticed we miss a list of EF Engine errors that might occure when loading maps. So I thought I might start a list here and other mappers join to create such a list.

Also if you run into errors and find no or no satisfactory description about it feel free to ask.

So let's go:

Error: CL_ParseGamestate: bad command byte
Meaning: The gamestate send from the server to the client was bigger than 16000 chars, resulting in the client beeing unable to parse the gamestate correctly.
Fix: Reduce the ammount of entities used in your map.
Alternate fix: Changing ioEF to have a bigger gamestate limit, which would make it incompatible to vEF.

Error: MAX_MODELS exceeded
Meaning: You have exceeded the limit of 255 Brushentities. Only occures on vEF, ioEF just skips loading the rest.
Fix: Reduce the ammount of Brushentities in your map.
Alternate fix: Changing MAX_MODELS in ioEF, which results in minimal changes to the network protocol making it incompatible to vEF.

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