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TUTORIAL: adding a new character

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Posted 23 August 2009 - 11:13 PM

In this tutorial, we're going to add a new character to RPG-X2. This new character will use one of the existing head models. New head models is more complicated and requires its own tutorial.

1. Laying the groundwork

First order of business is to set up your folders if you don't already have them. Dive into your STVEF\RPG-X2 folder wherever it lives on your computer. Mine is at C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\RPG-X2. If there is not already a folder called models, make one. Inside there we need a folder called players_rpgx. Inside players_rpx, make a folder for your character. My character's name is Daniel, so I make a folder called daniel inside my players_rpgx folder. We don't need a male_body folder because we are going to use the standard FC uniform.

Posted Image

2. Making the character-specific files

Now we need a victim:

Posted Image
(my youngest brother, taken a few years ago when he was a member of the EF community)

The existing character that most closely resembles him is Klein, so I use Klein's face texture as my starting point and skillfully combine the photo with the texture. (I'm going to call it skill, but luck is probably more accurate since I could probably never pull it off again.) I've saved the file as daniel_face.jpg in the daniel folder.

Posted Image

Inside the daniel folder, I make a folder called skins where I'm going to put the skin files for the head model. The first head skin for any character is always head_default.skin


I'm also going to make head_gold.skin


...and head_teal.skin


I've carefully managed to avoid having to make new head textures because my character's hair color is the same as Klein's. I can reference the existing head textures instead of including redundant ones inside my PK3 file.

I'm far too lazy to make facial expressions (plus there's no chance I'd be successful with my limited skills), so I don't need to generate any other skin files for the head.

Now I need to make a file called main.model in the daniel folder.

//	RPG-X Model System Script
//	By Scooter - 2009-08-23

//Daniel - Main
	animsConfig 	"models/players_rpgx/male_body/animation.cfg"		//anims config file
	animSoundsConfig	"models/players_rpgx/male_body/animsounds.cfg"		//anim sounds config	
	legsModel 		"models/players_rpgx/male_body/lower_crew.mdr" 		//legs model
	torsoModel		"models/players_rpgx/male_body/upper_crew.mdr" 		//torso model
	headModel 		"models/players_rpgx/klein/head.md3"			//head model
	holsterModel 		"models/boltOns/holster_male.md3" 			//holster model

	hasRanks 		1 
	sex 			m
	soundPath 		gencrew2
	skinSet		"main_*"

Seriously folks, it's mostly copy-paste from the Klein character.

Now we need main_default.skinset, which is fairly small when you remove all the lines pertaining to facial expression support.

//Red Uniform
	headSkin	"models/players_rpgx/daniel/skins/head_default.skin"
	torsoSkin	"models/players_rpgx/male_body/upper_default.skin" //torso skin
	legsSkin	"models/players_rpgx/male_body/lower_default.skin" //legs skin


//Gold Uniform
	headSkin	"models/players_rpgx/daniel/skins/head_gold.skin" 
	torsoSkin	"models/players_rpgx/male_body/upper_gold.skin" //torso skin
	legsSkin	"models/players_rpgx/male_body/lower_default.skin" //legs skin


//Teal Uniform
	headSkin	"models/players_rpgx/daniel/skins/head_teal.skin"
	torsoSkin	"models/players_rpgx/male_body/upper_teal.skin" //torso skin
	legsSkin	"models/players_rpgx/male_body/lower_default.skin" //legs skin

Almost done! Make a file in the daniel folder called race.cfg so that it can be included properly when the character list is filtered by species and gender.

Human Male

4. Git 'er done

Before we release our skin to the world, we should make a file called model_icon.jpg in the daniel folder, but I'm going to make a temporary PK3 and fire up RPG-X2 to do that. The camera controls in RPG-X2 make it easier than ever to take pictures. I could also use MD3view, but that requires a lot of extra work which I'd rather not explain right now.

Posted Image

Rebuild the PK3 file, and TADA!

Posted Image

If you want more tutorials, convince TiM to give up his secrets of head model enhancement. (Or if I think of something else, or if somebody else thinks of something that needs explaining.)

If you're converting a skin from Holomatch, make sure that you either have permission from the original author, or that you are the original author.

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