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TUTORIAL: adding a new color option to an existing skin set

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Posted 23 August 2009 - 02:47 PM

I looked high and low but couldn't find back the tutorial I had written for this, so it looks like I need to write it again. I decided to make an entire forum to help encourage myself to write more tutorials, and maybe we can encourage TiM to share his secrets with us.

In this tutorial we're going to add a green FC uniform color option to Kulhane. Once you know how to do this, you should be able to also add them to the other characters. This is the most basic tutorial I can think of.

1. Laying the groundwork

First order of business is to set up your folders if you don't already have them. Dive into your STVEF\RPG-X2 folder wherever it lives on your computer. Mine is at C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\RPG-X2. If there is not already a folder called models, make one. Inside there we need a folder called players_rpgx. You'll probably also need to make folders male_body and female_body to hold the common textures. Male textures go in the male_body folder, and female textures go in the female_body folder. Files used by both (comm badges) usually go in the male_body folder. Since we're adding a skin to Kulhane, make a folder called kulhane too.

Posted Image

Now we need to make a green uniform torso texture. I use an existing uniform torso texture as my starting point and change the red/gold/teal part to green. You can find the red/gold/teal texture in RPG-X2\pak0.pk3\models\players_rpgx\male_body. Open up the starting texture of your choice in your image editing program and change the necessary areas to green. Save your new texture to the male_body folder that you made earlier as torso_main_green.jpg

Posted Image

In your male_body folder, make a file called upper_green.skin and open it up in the text editor of your choice. Fill it with this:


2. Making the character-specific files

Because I'm working with Kulhane, I need Kulhane's yellow hands, so I'm going to make another file in male_body called upper_green_k.skin (you'll need to make separate skin files for each skin tone).


We also need to make a head texture because the collar is colored. Open one of the existing head textures in RPG-X2\pak1.pk3\models\players_rpgx\kulhane, change the color to green, and save as kulhane_head_green.jpg in the kulhane folder that you made earlier.

Posted Image

Now in the kulhane folder, make a file called main_green.skinset and fill it with this:

//Green Uniform
     	headSkin 			"models/players_rpgx/kulhane/skins/head_green.skin"
     	headSkinBlink 		"models/players_rpgx/kulhane/skins/head_green_blink.skin"
	headSkinFrown		"models/players_rpgx/kulhane/skins/head_green_frown.skin"
	headSkinFrownBlink	"models/players_rpgx/kulhane/skins/head_green_bl_fr.skin"

	headBlinkTime 		5 12

	torsoSkin 	"models/players_rpgx/male_body/upper_green_k.skin" //torso skin
	legsSkin 	"models/players_rpgx/male_body/lower_default.skin" //legs skin


Now make a folder in your kulhane folder called skins. Make a file in there called head_green.skin and fill it with this:


Now because this character has facial expressions textures and I want to support this, I need to make all the head skins referenced in main_green.skinset; this is quite tedious when you're doing every character. Fortunately TiM wrote a utility to do this for me (unfortunately for you, it's not released yet). I open a command prompt window in my RPG-X2 folder and run this: "RPG-X_Skin_Batch.exe kulhane main green" and it generates all the files for me based on head_default.skin

NOTE: there is a limit to the path length, so sometimes it is necessary to abbreviate file names. Make sure your file names match those referenced in the skinset file or you'll get errors in EF.

4. Git 'er done

We're almost done. Navigate to your RPG-X2 folder, right-click on the models folder, Send To... compressed (zipped) folder. Rename the file from models.zip to kulhane-green.pk3 and you're ready to fire up EF.

Posted Image

In a more advanced tutorial, we'll look at adding an entirely new uniform set. See ya next time!

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