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Godfather 2

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Posted 22 August 2009 - 04:32 PM

I love the movie series, and I enjoyed the first game, so of course I'm going to play the second game. The graphics aren't much improved from the previous game, and so it's really surprising how all my problems with this game are graphics-related. Not sure if the blame falls with the game or nVidia, but every once in a while the video freezes while the rest of the game keeps playing. This makes it pretty difficult to do anything, forcing me to bring up Task Manager, kill it, and start the game again.

On the plus side, auto-saving is extremely quick and frequent, so I rarely lose much by doing this. It seems impossible to avoid, but I've been able to mitigate it somewhat by driving only just slightly faster than the AI traffic. High-speed police chases are mostly out of the question, though I've managed to do a few without crashing.

Sometimes while just walking around the graphics become really laggy. One time I got a little too aggressive, moved too quickly, and got a BSOD with the offender listed as nv4_disp.dll (nVidia driver file).


From a gameplay standpoint, it's a little better and a little worse. The customization of your player and the upgrade options for yourself and your family is kind of cool. It's also interesting that the game takes place in more than one city. What sucks is that just when you think you're doing really well, the game decides to introduce another rival who takes over a bunch of your businesses despite the fact they are all fully-guarded, and you can't send defenders because it happens during a cinematic.

Despite all this, I'm still going to play it.

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