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SteamerCard on iGoogle

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Posted 26 July 2009 - 06:56 PM

Hmm.... I think the projects forum needs a make-over.... I found myself really confused as to where I should post this.

In any case, I did some more work on SteamerCard a few days ago.
More specifically, I made an iGoogle gadget version for it. :D

In case you don't know, iGoogle is like your own personal page which you can populate with various little gadgets/widgets that provide you with information.

I noticed that one enterprising young chap had already created a SteamerCard iGoogle gadget, but it's empy of text, and the images are distorted. I'm hoping this official UberGames version of it will flesh out SteamerCard's presence a little more.

If you have iGoogle, check it out!


In the meantime, I fixed 2 other glitches that were happening in SteamerCard:

1) Made it so the mouseover popup on people's nicknames could support line-wrapping (since apparently some people have reeeally long IRL names that were breaking it hehe)

2) Fixed a bug where games with really long names were getting duplicated inside the database. This is because I was thinking 64 characters was enough for any game name.... but lo and behold, those new Monkey Island games are longer than that. XD

And finally, according to the database, roughly 800 different people in total have used SteamerCard at some point now. w00t. :)

So yeah... SteamerCard FTW. ^_^

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