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Star Trek: Dubbleflob

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#1 Robertson



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Posted 10 January 2009 - 11:11 PM

*Warning this is a spoof Roleplay, anyone wanting to join in is free to do so, any references to real life mods or people are probably on purpose, although no offense is intended, except for the person playing the captain*

CO: Acer
XO: Mr. FatFat
Helm: Ensign Knowtheway
COS: Mr. FlibFlab
CE: Bolianplumbing
ENG: Marcin
CMO: Flobberwob
Nurse: Can'tfixit
CSO: Findingnemo

< Year: 20272396739673967/apple/dshkay93527 >

< Location: The newly made Jelly Jards above Earth >

Ensign Knowtheway: The new engines report ready for duty Lieutenant

The lieutenant on duty,a Mr. flibflab looked at the helm officer

Flib Flab: Ah good, i see their new AI circuits are working well

< Meanwhile two decks below >

No Mr. Fat Fat i will not accept any more delays, the Jelly yards should've had the Dubbleflob ready months ago!

Mr. Fat Fat: Aye sir, right away sir

< he picked up the padd infront of him before the captain smashed it's screen and waddled out of the captains quarters >

The captain, a short dumpy man by the name of Acer sat down on a chair before he stood back up again and smashed the glass table.

Acer: RAWAKHWAKIYA That felt good, anyway i should be on the bridge

<Acer walked out of his quarters and into the turbolift>

Acer: Deck one

< Immediatly every turbolift on the ship went to deck one, causing a massive pile up, Acer beamed out into the captains chair before the collision however >

Knowtheway: The Jelly yards are reporting that were cleared for launch

Acer: Excellent < he used a gesture similar to that of Mr. Burns > *he tapped his commbadge* =/\= Mr Fat Fat to the bridge =/\=

<Mr. Fat Fat turned his head and looked at his captain>

Fat Fat: Sir... I'm right next to you

Acer: Shut up and get to the bridge, now =/\= Acer to Engineering, Mr. Bolianplumbing are you down there

Bolianplumbing: Aye sir, what is it?

Acer: There's a pile up in the turboshaft, Marcin didn't fix that stupid voice recognition in the turbolifts

Bolianplumbing: Understood sir i'll get right on it

< The comlink closed >

Bolianplumbing: Marcin, Fix the turbolift voice recognition!

Marcin: Why can't the captain fix it, the stupid Noob!, he could just use the simple console.. but noo he has to make me do 20,000 lines of coding that will NEVER work

< meanwhile on the bridge>

Acer: Were all set, Mr. Flibflab prepare all weapons, target the Jelly yards

Flibflab: Targetted sir

Acer: Ensign knowtheway, take us out full impulse

Knowtheway: Aye sir

< The ship moved out of Dock without disengaging any of the docking clamps or closing the airlocks, as a result half the crew was killed and some severe shaking ensued, as soon as the admin has flushed the FX and revived the dead crewmen, the journey continued>

Acer: Fire the uber torpedo's Mr. Flibflab

Flibflab: Aye sir

< He pressed a button on his console, a huge torpedo larger than the ship left the torpedo tube thanks to a bug and the Jelly Yards were destroyed>

Acer: Set a course for the center of borg space, maximum uber drive!

Knowtheway: *Facepalm*
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#2 cloneof



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Posted 10 January 2009 - 11:14 PM

I find this story very funny.

"Maximun uber drive!" :D.

#3 Robertson



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Posted 11 January 2009 - 01:06 PM

Acer: I'm Bored now, Mr. FatFat! Begin a mutiny

FatFat: Sir?

Acer: You heard me!

FatFat: Aye sir

< Mr. FatFat began plans for a mutiny but unfortunatly due to the lack of continuity on the ship they arrived in borg space before he got very far >

Acer: Deactivate the uber drive!

Knowtheway: *sigh* Aye sir

FlibFlab: Sir, this is Madness!


Flibflab: Aye sir, charging the shoopdawoop and uber torpedoes

Acer: Very well then

< at that moment 8000 borg cubes approached the Dubbleflob >

Acer: Ah hah, what every ship needs... BORG! Flibflab, fire the shoopdawoop

< as the order was given a kind of... face appeared on the hull, it shouted out I'MA FIREHN MA LAZAHR, and a big blue and white beam shot out, destroying 6000 borg vessels. Unfortunatly it also overloaded every system on the ship, Marcin ran onto the bridge >

Marcin: R_gamma 0.1 everybody!

<He pulled out a grenade launcher and fired fire,spark and smoke around the bridge>

Marcin: Okay done!

< Marcin ran back into the turbolift >

OPS Dibbadob: Shields are down, were being boarded!

< At that moment every person on the ship miraculously summoned Phasers, Phaser rifles, TR 116's and Photon Bursts into their hands >

Acer: Repel the intruders!

( I stress again, anyone can join, rules are free do whatever you want, with any character =) )
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#4 Leila1



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Posted 11 January 2009 - 01:34 PM


Acer: ok here have admin pass so u do it better

Flibflab: How do i become admin now?

Acer: class admin of course

<Flibflab takes a borg model and begins killing the crew with a TR116>


Acer: this is a much better rp then all those other people trouble for months to write, WE GET TO HAVE THE BEST FUN!

Flibflab: especially if we do it on someone elses server!!11

(I had to write this :P)

#5 Grizz



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Posted 11 January 2009 - 02:50 PM

<insert flying spaghetti monster appearence here>

#6 Marcin


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Posted 11 January 2009 - 03:05 PM

Rofl :P.

#7 Robertson



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Posted 11 January 2009 - 04:37 PM

< Acer looked around in shock as the image on the viewscreen changed, changed from the static positions of some badly rendered borg cubes into... THE FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER >

<Acer turned to Flibflab and took the laser off his head >

Acer: Stop mucking around, this threat is larger than the borg

< Acer also took back the admin pass >

Acer: Fire the uber torpedoes at the FSM!

Flibflab: Aye sir... Sir i can't fire

Acer: *sigh* =/\= Bridge to Marcin

Marcin: I'm on it already!

*at that point Marcin materialized outside the ship and began firing a photon burst at the FSM*

Flibflab: Firing sir

Fat Fat: Has anyone realized were not at red alert yet?

Acer: Shut up Fat fat, Red alert Mr. Flibflab

< Claxon repeated three times while the various lights around the bridge went Red >

FlibFlab: Aye sir, Red Alert

Acer: Fire the Shoop Da woop

Flibflab: We can't sire, you and i both know it needs 24 hours to recharge

Acer: Sire? Who do you think i am the king of england?

Flibflab: *Sigh* It was a typo

Sharpkiller: ( OOC ( Out of character Chat ) In Brackets! )

Acer: Where did you come from?

Sharpkiller: I own this ship

Acer: Shut up then, =/\= Acer to Engineering =/\=

BolianPlumbing: =/\= BolianPlumbing here

Acer: =/\= Get the Shoop Da Woop online

BolianPlumbing: Aye sir

< At that moment, the Flying Spaghetti monster lashed out at the Dubbleflob >
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#8 Grizz



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Posted 11 January 2009 - 04:40 PM

*knowtheway searches the database for past encounters*


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#9 sharpkiller


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Posted 11 January 2009 - 06:41 PM

Sharpkiller: ( OOC ( Out of character Chat ) In Brackets! )

:o LOL


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