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#1 braunman


    Resident PID controller expert

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Posted 25 March 2008 - 04:32 AM

Considering that a few people here don't know each other, I thought I might as well make an introductions thread.

I'm Oliver, currently doing a double major in Instrumentation and Control Systems Engineering/Industrial Computer Systems Engineering at uni. Currently in my fourth and final year, looking for a place to do my internship. Sure it's not exactly a games degree, however at some point in the future I want to branch out into AI programming, with maybe a bit of robotics on the side.

So that's me, now for everyone else!


#2 Dom


    I touch everything

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Posted 25 March 2008 - 09:28 AM

Well I'm Dom. I currently studying Computer Science & AI. I'm just finishing the second year and I plan to be working in the games industry when I finish the degree.

I've worked on a couple gaming projects to date, some of which where not very popular at all (UltraScore, others where extremely popular (RPG-X for instance). I'm currently planning my next game, which should be very fun and unquie.

#3 Merrick


    Merciless Map Criticism ltd

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Posted 25 March 2008 - 12:50 PM

Well, I'm Chris, Im currently studying a BA in Photography at, yeah, unsuprisingly a university. I'm coming up to the end of my first year, I started uni late because I foolishly decided I would gain some benefit by working in the real world for a few years.

Most of my gaming projects revolve around mapping or something else where the primary element are the visuals as opposed to the coding, as I tend to look at it from an arty point of view and all the numbers behind it drag me down. I'm currently looking for a new game to map for with a setting I enjoy that actually has players in it.
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#4 Tigeress


    White Tiger

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Posted 25 March 2008 - 01:50 PM


I'm Ti-ann. I'm at ECU, studying under the great Martin Masek.. hahaha. Yeah. I'm doing computer science majoring in games programming. Currently in third year.. Struggling lots actually. *shrug*
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#5 William


    Lead Level Developer - RPG-X

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Posted 25 March 2008 - 11:10 PM

Well, I'm Will, I'm currently finishing my second year studying a BSc in Multimedia Systems, which is basically a little bit of everything in IT. I've just started work as a web developer in a company part-time before I start my placement year working for them.

Out of work, I'm probably best known for my Mapping work in Elite Force and for my participation in RPG-X, I'm also proficient in many other multimedia environments as well and Programming and Web Development

#6 braunman


    Resident PID controller expert

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Posted 26 March 2008 - 12:55 AM

Wow, a sticky? I'm honoured!

Anyway thanks for the replies, I hope we all get to know each other. Also good to see more RL friends in here Tigeress :D


#7 TiM



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Posted 26 March 2008 - 01:12 AM

*Stickied and made the title more specific. This thread's a keeper! :D*

Haha oh man, we probably should update the UberGames Developers Sig sometime.... that was the prototype joystick model there... :P

Anyway, I guess I'll go too. :)

My name's Timothy, but no one ever calls me that. :(
I studied at Edith Cowan University doing a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media, which was basically a smörgåsbord of all of the main computer disciplines like Photoshop, Flash, 3D, Web Page Design, and copious amounts of programming.

I met up with Dom in 2003 when we worked together to create a small kill tracker program for the Q3 game engine which we subsequently released under the group name, 'UberGames'. :)

Since then, I've worked on several gaming projects, including the Asteroids mod for JKA, a brief stint in the Elite Force TC mod for HL2, but mainly, the RPG-X mod for Elite Force where I worked as a modeler and coder.

I'm hoping that as soon as UberGames has a complete site, we can then move on to creating tonnes more projects hehe. ^_^


#8 Tigeress


    White Tiger

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Posted 26 March 2008 - 04:24 AM

Wow, a sticky? I'm honoured!

Anyway thanks for the replies, I hope we all get to know each other. Also good to see more RL friends in here Tigeress :(

*huggles brunman* :-P

Hey sweets, how are you?
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#9 TheShy


    Occasional Dungeon Master

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Posted 26 March 2008 - 01:11 PM

Welp. I'm Shy. Working in the much loved and highly praised Hospitality Industry!..As a Kitchenhand. Iiiin fast food.

Aside from a couple of pretty areas made with the Neverwinter Nights toolset, I haven't done much in the game developing range of things. I'm an avid gamer though mostly in the Roleplaying area of expertise. Pen and paper RPG's doubly so, Shadowrun and D&D (Specifically the Iron Kingdoms setting) being my favorites.
Beyond Good and Evil, The Longest Journey and Mass Effect definately rank on my top three most favoritest video games. So, yes. That's me! This is me. One of the two.

#10 Scooter


    The Canon Man

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Posted 26 March 2008 - 08:18 PM

My name is Scott, though some people actually do call me Scooter in real life...

I have a Diploma in Computer Systems Technology from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. The focus of the first year was programming, but my second-year specialty was Systems Integration, which included more administrative-type courses (web admin, server admin, db admin, etc.).

I worked for three years as a web developer, and for the past year I have been working as a mobile service technician. Part of my job involves going to private residences and small businesses to fix their computers or perform preventative maintenance. The better part of my job involves going to larger corporations (retail stores, restaurants, etc.) and participating in large IMAC projects (install, move, add, change).

I think I would have retained more from my post-secondary education if I had some work experience, but you need the education to get the job. I often find myself wishing I hadn't sold my first-year textbooks back to the campus bookstore. Some people have tried to encourage me to go back and get a bachelor's degree, but I'm not keen on it. I have started studying to obtain an MSCE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer).

I seem to be fairly well-known in the Elite Force community, so I should probably include a paragraph about that for TiM's friends to know about that. I was a site admin on EFFiles.com for a while, thru which I met and became friends with Dom. I had been experimenting with using Elite Force as a three-dimensional roleplaying game. Some friends of mine started a group for it, which I joined. I hosted their server for the first year, and became one of the group leaders. The idea caught on and now there are many roleplaying groups for Elite Force. Dom was recruiting for a mod to make Elite Force better for roleplaying, and he asked me to join as "Canon Inspector". My job was to filter the incoming ideas and make sure that we were being accurate to the Star Trek television series (plural).

I'm a sort of jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none. I've dabbled in all the aspects of game development (mapping, modelling, skinning, programming, texturing, etc.) but I'm not particularly great at any of them. I put my mediocre skills to use in the second version of RPG-X where I helped TiM with the easier but tedious parts of the model system, and I redid some of the user interface graphics in higher resolution. Independently from Ubergames, I've released a few maps, skins, and mods on EFFiles. Once we get the Ubergames site up, I'm hoping to work more collaboratively on a few of the same things I've already been doing, but on a larger scale than I would be able to attempt on my own.

#11 Nazar


    I break everything I touch

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Posted 27 March 2008 - 05:26 AM

Hi I'm Nazar and I'm just finishing off my 2nd year at the University of Winnipeg for my B.Ed degree. Don't worry though, I try to take computer science courses every chance I get. I got my 1st pc somewhere in 1996 and started tinkering in DOS. I had no idea what I was doing but I got familiar and discovered I could play games. In the years that followed I played Doom, Doom 2, and Mortal Kombat to no end. I eventually upgraded to Windows and started doing some more stuff. Eventually I started playing Quake, Quake 2, and finally Quake 3 as well as some Unreal Tournament. I loved deathmatch so much. At some point a friend told me about Elite Force and through that game I met stephen, dom, and tim as well as a bunch of other cool people. Now I primarily do design on computers. Recently I've started getting into Java programming, so that's kind of what I'm working on now.

#12 mike


    V.I.P Person

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Posted 28 March 2008 - 04:52 AM

I'm Mike.

As far as working in the games industry - never done it.

However I worked in EB games for a year, selling them. Probably the most enjoyable job I'd ever had. I currently work for iinet - was fulltime but that was getting to me so i've moved down to part time instead.

First and foremost I'm an illustrator but that career is taking an age to instigate. My work is finally seeing some publications though so i'm looking forward to that.

mikes preferred systems for gaming in order are:
a.) PC - baldurs gate series/WoW/UT3/Quake series/Starcraft series
b.) Wii - SS:Brawl/Wii Tennis/Mario Party 8/Nights/Streets of Rage 2+3
c.) DS lite - FFT:A/Super Princess Peach/Pokemon Diamond/Kirby Squeaks/Metroid Pinball
d.) PS3 - Devil May Cry: 4/Burnout: Paradise

I am a firm and solid hater of the Xbox.

#13 Taisen


    New Member

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Posted 28 November 2009 - 05:14 PM

I'm Taisen!

I've been roleplaying for about a year or so, and have enjoyed it very much. I have occasionally visited this forum before, but only decided to make an account now.

I live in Las Vegas, and I'm currently a Freshman. I have some very basic computer programming skills. I love music and Star Trek of course!

So, yeah. Hope to see you all around! :)
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#14 Arron Dominion

Arron Dominion


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Posted 08 December 2009 - 12:28 AM

I haven't done any RPG-X rp in awhile. This has been due to most of you being on schedules in Europe or other countries. I am over at the Fug TF2 servers a lot.

I was here in the community whenever the Poseidon A first came out, seen it go through a lot of changes. Some good, some bad. Here is some more below.

About myself:
-I am from Kentucky in the United States.
-Going to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. I am majoring in Computer Science. Currently in my sophomore year.

Games I play:
-Team Fortress 2
-Star Trek - Voyager: Elite Force (haven't in awhile)
-Garrys Mod

I have done some mapping for Elite Force:
-First project - RPG TOS Shuttle: http://eliteforce2.f...._Shuttle;42721
-Version 2 of RPG TOS Shuttle: http://eliteforce2.f...._Shuttle;46527
-CTF CRP 1 - http://eliteforce2.f...CTF_CRP_1;74293
-CTF Battletactic - http://eliteforce2.f....letactic;74973
-CTF Battletactic 2 - http://eliteforce2.f....etactic2;76192
-CTF Base Siege - http://eliteforce2.f....asesiege;78080
-RPG CTF Battletactic2 Beta1 - http://eliteforce2.f....etactic2;79537
-CTF Battletactic2 v2 - http://eliteforce2.f....tactic_2;85553
-ChessClub - http://eliteforce2.f...ChessClub;93965
-RPG CTF Battletactic2 Beta 2 - http://eliteforce2.f....etactic2;93602
Released one small mod for Morrowind:
-Solsthiem Abandoned Shack - http://elderscrolls.....ed_Shack;85906

Anyway, hope this enlightens all. Thanks and I will get a replacement mic soon.
-Arron Dominion (MSN = dominion@brtc.net : AIM = Arron Dominion [isn't used much] : xfire = ajdominion [same as AIM] : feel free to add as a friend in Steam : I do have a Skype too)
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#15 Mikey



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Posted 16 February 2011 - 07:46 AM


Tim tweeted me, I tweeted back, it went on for about an hour, the forum was mentioned, I joined!

That's me, who are you? What are you doing on my lawn?! SHOO!
Mikey :)

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