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The Aliens of Sanford

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Posted 14 August 2008 - 09:29 AM

Aliens of Sanford RP
Stardate 2382

The story begins on the USS Atlantis when Admiral Forrester joins the USS Atlantis to meet a new species discovered in Federation space on some kind of an alien ship. The USS Atlantis, under the command of Captain Scott Blias, departs to intercept the alien vessel but come under Klingon attack. Captain Blias orders the Atlantis to return fire and disable the ship. After a short battle the crew is dispatched on a Runabout to board the vessel.

On board the Runabout the crew is joined by Shren, a mysterious Ferengi who had no record and was not trusted by any of the crew, especially their Chief of Security, Lt. William Dodonna, who claims the Ferengi incapacitated a Starfleet Officer on a Delta Flier a few days before. The Ferengi claimed innocence but was left to continue his duties as a part of the crew… in the Security Department.

Upon arriving at the alien vessel they discovered it wasn’t Klingon after all but rather very advanced. Captain Blias sends an away team of two officers, initially only Commander Jones (Executive Officer) and Lt. Dodonna (CoS) board the vessel but find themselves disarmed. They find themselves trapped on the bridge of the alien vessel with a very powerful alien. After the Commander attempts to use any means of force to get out of the situation they find themselves harmless against the advanced technology of the alien, who introduces himself as Sanford. Commander Jones and Lt. Dodonna then begin talking to the alien but the alien sets a course for his home planet at a speed impossible to replicate. However, the Runabout manages to follow in the wake of this advanced form of warp and stay at a close distance but still unable to board or hail the vessel.

Upon arriving at his home planet, which was five galaxies away from the Alpha Quadrant, the alien creature reveals that all this was just a test to see if he could count on the human species and the Federation and he returns the away team’s weapons. Commander Jones and Lt. Dodonna then escort the alien back to the Runabout where they are reunited with their crew. Together they then joined the alien “Ambassador” on his station.

His station was designed similar to Starfleet architecture and style and it orbited a planet that looked much like that of 20th century Earth. Each crewmember was given their own quarters and the crew engaged on a tour of the station. Sanford explained that his station was nearing 500 years old and was considered almost derelict by his people.

Sanford then explained that the Atlantis crew was brought here as a diplomatic envoy and that they would be joined later by an Ambassador Mia who would begin negotiations for the alien species to join Starfleet. However, things were just moving too fast for the Atlantis crew and Captain Blias asked Lt. Dodonna to look into it more. Lt. Dodonna asked Ensign Hayes to gain access to their computer core to find out more.

Admiral Mia’s arrival began the diplomatic talks. The aliens were willing to give the Federation their station and some advanced technologies in exchange for a cultural exchange and membership in Starfleet. Admiral Mia and Captain Blias were happy to agree but Lt. Dodonna sensed something was amiss, however, Hayes was unable to find any relevant information.

“Why would such an advanced civilization such as yours who controls five entire galaxies go out of their way to join a primitive organization such as ours?” asked Lt. Dodonna.

“Well, it is simple really… we control a total five galaxies, yes, but there were no sentient life forms within them. You’re the first foreign government we’ve contacted.” responded Sanford.

Ensign Hayes frowned and stated, “That is just extremely unlikely… surely you had some life forms”

Regardless, the talks moved forward and they were shortly given admittance into the Federation. Sanford and the crew of the Atlantis boarded the runabout and set course for the USS Atlantis.

Upon beaming back on-board the Runabout Sanford was incapacitated by something unknown in the transporter. Initially everyone blamed Shren the Ferengi but transporter logs pointed to it being tampered with when they were on the station, during which Shren was assigned to quarters and unable to leave due to security measures. CMO Murray managed to revive Sanford and they arrived at the USS Atlantis.

Soon after boarding the Atlantis they were joined by a mysterious “Alien Leader” who demanded custody of Sanford. Captain Blias and his crew stood and protected Sanford from the alien and demanded to know why he wanted him.

The alien explained, “I am one of the last of my species… his race destroyed my people through war.”

The alien went on to explain that his species was lured by Sanford’s power and weapons so they joined in an alliance and received many of the weapons. However, this was during a great war against another alien species and, through the use of these weapons, they virtually destroyed one another. He demanded justice and claimed that a field execution would do just fine.

The Atlantis crew, true to the principles of Starfleet, defended the Sanford, “Your species inability to control themselves is what destroyed you, not Sanford. You cannot blame him for trying to help you and hold him responsible for what you did to yourselves.”

The Alien Leader then claimed that he was not being listened to or taken seriously, said he’d do it himself, and ran out of the room. Security was dispatched and the senior officers persued him to the Shuttlebay where he attempted to hijack a shuttle. After being stopped by some officers fire erupted and Lt. Dodonna observed the alien leader shot down. When he got closer, he saw a phaser erupt and take out the three officers standing beside the alien. Things had gotten out of control!

A Ensign Phenix had opened fire from behind, wounding the officers for no other reason than “it was fun “ and “everyone else was firing”. Lt. Dodonna, the last man standing, then fired on the Ensign as he raised his weapon to fire again, killing him…

The Alien Leader was dead but Sanford was grateful for his defense. Unfortunately, this was only one of few security problems to arise today.

Almost as soon as the recovery was over an unauthorized transport was detected in Transporter Room 1, someone related to Ensign Phenix had beamed aboard and was armed and his name was Brian. Lt. Dodonna met the new crewmen in the Transporter Room. Immediately suspicious of his arrival so soon after the firefight he asked the new crewmember to relinquish his firearm. The crewmen denied and a struggle ensued, William found himself later in sickbay and Brian was loose.

Captain Blias and Lt. Dodonna used the computer to locate Brian who was discovered in the Captain’s Ready Room. When confronted with his violence Brian raised his phaser and was shot down by the pair. Ensign Hayes, now acting as the CMO, revived Brian in the brig where he was behind a forcefield. Unfortunately, Sanford somehow managed to somehow incapacitate the prisoner and he, again, required medical attention. This time, upon revival, Brian was ready and opened fire on the room quickly incapacitating everyone. In the hallway he engaged Lt. Dodonna from behind ketching him off-guard. Brian then managed to eluded capture as the ship went back to their daily business.

Captain Blias had received a message from Starfleet, Admiral Mia would be joining them for some sort of an operation. He gathered the crew in the messhall prior to her arrival where they discussed the day, praised Shren’s recent work in Engineering, and gave amnesty to Brian. The Admiral and a number of new crewmembers then boarded the ship and Brian went back to his old habits of mass murder.

After a large firefight in and outside the Transporter Room Brian was finally subdued and the Senior Officers reported to the bridge. Before the briefing Captain Blias promoted Lt. Dodonna to Captain and left the ship heading back to Starbase 113 for retirement. It was up to Captain Dodonna to hold the ship together.

== Continued ==

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Posted 14 August 2008 - 09:31 AM

Captain Dodonna entered the briefing room to find it completely controlled by Admiral Mia and “Colonel” Sanford. The Atlantis was being dispatched to the Beta Quadrant to “initiate relations” with the Klingons. However, they were to be joined by Sanford’s alien fleet of around 1000 ships. When Captain Dodonna pointed out that that was a bit excessive for a diplomatic attempt (there was a prior conflict with the Klingons and the Federation) he was told it was necessary. Captain Dodonna and some of his crew then suspected something was wrong.

After the Admiral dismissed the meeting Captain Dodonna gave out assignments. The new Chief of Security, Lt. Cmdr. Camron June, was told to prepare tactical systems for a conflict with the Klingons and ensure all tactical systems were online, Security Officer, Lt. Alex Munro, was dispatched to ensure that all security systems were online and ready, Ensign Hayes was beginning to acquire all data on the Klingons and their destination on the Beta Quadrant, and Sickbay was to prepare for causalities. The USS Atlantis was to join 1000 alien ships to “assume relations” with the Klingons, it looked like they were going to war.
Upon arriving in the Beta Quadrant they detected a cloaked ship and, before hailing the ship and before any other orders were given, the Admiral gave the order to open fire. Lt. Cmdr. June complied and the Klingon vessel was disabled, the Atlantis continued further in the sector. Lt. Cmdr. June was visible upset about having to fire on the Klingon vessel and Captain Dodonna verbally opposed the decision.

“Admiral?! You claimed we were to “assume relations” with the Klingons and you just fired upon them! What type of diplomacy is this?”

“Stand down Captain…”

“Are you trying to start a war with the Klingon Empire because that’s what this looks like?”

The Admiral then ordered the Captain to his ready room, he hesitated and she began to summon a security officer. However, he complied and followed her to the room. Admiral Mia then explained to Captain Dodonna that he was being relieved of his command. Captain Dodonna’s face turned red and he demanded an explanation. She simply stated that his actions were hindering the operation and he was to step down until it was over.
On the bridge Dodonna could hear Sanford give June an order to “Stand down to Green Alert” which was an extreme risk.

Captain Dodonna screamed, “Stand down to Yellow Alert!” because he feared not having shields in a contested area.

“Captain, you are relieved of command! Get out of here” Admiral Mia screamed.

“Admiral, I don’t know what your true intent here is but you’re putting my crew at risk. I will not have them killed due to your incompetence.” Captain Dodonna sneered.

As he said those words Admiral Mia began to convulse and fell to the floor. Captain Dodonna, visibly shaken, hesitated for a second and called for a medical emergency. Lt. Munro and Lt. Cmdr. June were the first ones there… nobody knew what happened.

Sanford pushed his way into the room demanding an explanation.

“I’m not sure… she just feinted” responded Captain Dodonna.

“He … hit me…” was Admiral Mia’s last words before she fell unconscious.

“Security, take him into custody!” screamed Sanford.

But the Security Officers didn’t know how to react. The highest ranking officer, an Admiral, lays unconscious in front of their Captain to who’m they were loyal and they were being given orders by a non-Starfleet Officer. They stood in place not sure how to react.

Ensign Hayes managed to break through the crowd of security and bridge officers and take Admiral Mia to sickbay where she would remain unconscious.

“Sanford, we need to talk…” Dodonna broke the silence.

Sanford acknowledged Dodonna’s request and they discussed Dodonna’s removal of command. Dodonna contacted Starfleet on a sub-space frequency and asked Admiral Forrester what was going on. Admiral Forrester explained that it was true but only temporary until the end of the operation. Dodonna then agreed to stand down as Commanding Officer.
Initially, Colonel Sanford sought control of the vessel but command had now fallen to Lt. Cmdr. June who was next in the line of secession. Dodonna made this fact very clear as nothing would be worse then having Colonel Sanford command his ship. Any shred of trust that Dodonna may have gained after the previous mission was no longer existed, something was very wrong.

On the bridge Sanford explained that Captain Dodonna had been relieved of his command and Dodonna imposed that Lt. Cmdr. June was now the Commanding Officer.

“My faith is now in you, Mr. June…” Dodonna said as he left the bridge.
On Deck 2 Dodonna ran into Ensign Hayes who was concerned about the situation. A good Starfleet Officer Ensign Hayes was loyal to his Captain. He had listened in on the sub-space message and said that he had traced it back to an unknown source; it hadn’t come from Starfleet Command. Additionally, he said he had found something back on their station in their files but needed to look more into it. Dodonna explained that he didn’t want to act yet and to find something concrete.

Next Dodonna ran into the ships EMH Doctor who pointed out that Dodonna’s stress level was off the charts. Dodonna smiled and explained why. The Doctor was a little confused due to the circumstances for something like this happening so fast. Dodonna then asked the Doctor to perform diagnoses on the crew and to compare them to the medical records. This was in the hopes of discovering if any crewmembers had been replaced by aliens and to determine if something was wrong with Sanford.
Dodonna retired to his quarters where he was met by Lt. Cmdr. June. Initially surprised by his arrival Dodonna greeted him. Lt. Cmdr. June showed his concern over the situation and asked Dodonna how to proceed.
With a twinkle in his eye Dodonna simply said, “The choice is yours to make Commander”

Lt. Cmdr. June had a difficult choice of remaining the CO by staying loyal to Sanford or returning control to Captain Dodonna against Starfleet Command. He could play the role of good or evil and determine the course of the galaxy… the Lt. Cmdr. June nodded his head and left for the bridge.
Meanwhile, Ensign Hayes had determined that the message was actually sent from Sanford homeworld, not Starfleet Command and Sanford species had a history of supplying foreign races with weapons and then destroying them with internal wars. It was a long but effective process and Sanford was doing the same thing with the Federation and the Klingon Empire.
The USS Atlantis then dropped out of warp and went to red alert they were about to engage another Klingon ship and soon the alien reinforcements would arrive beginning a galactic war.

Ensign Hayes ran to the Captain’s room and explained the data. Dodonna thanked him for his work and asked him to get a phaser, they were going to retake the bridge. Dodonna then ran to Engineering to get Lt. Shren to join them. After explaining the situation Shren agreed to help.

“We can eject the warp core?” proposed Shren.

“No, that would leave use defenseless if we were attacked but the idea is noted. If it will prevent a galactic war, so be it.” Dodonna didn’t like the idea, “To be blunt, Shren, I need another phaser. We’re going to retake the bridge.”

The ship then shook, they USS Atlantis was in again combat. They had to move fast.

“Ok, meet on Deck 2 in two minutes!” ordered Dodonna as he left Engineering.

“Colonel, I do not want to fire on the Klingon vessel again… they’re barely a threat!” Lt. Cmdr. June explained to Sanford after they disabled another Bird of Prey.

“Fire! Or you will be relieved of your command as well!” Sanford screamed.
Lt. Cmdr. June then pulled out his phaser and aimed it at Colonel Sanford as the Bird of Prey drifted on the screen, “No sir…”

Just then the turbolift doors opened, Dodonna, Shren, and Hayes emerged armed.

“I can see I have been beaten…” mumbled Sanford as he hit a button on his wrist and was beamed out of the Atlantis.

“Glad to see you picked the right side, Commander” smiled Dodonna as he holstered his phaser.

== END PART 1 ==

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Posted 14 August 2008 - 09:40 AM

Posted Image
Relaxing in the Mess Hall prior to Admiral Mia's arrival

Posted Image
The Battle of Brian in Transporter Room 1

Disclaimer: I might be wrong on some of the characters names, this RP lasted for hours. I apologize in advance.

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Posted 14 August 2008 - 12:35 PM

Very Nice :D


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Posted 15 August 2008 - 02:58 PM

Good screencaps there, must have been a decent plot. Kudos!

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