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Welcome to Television!

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Posted 13 March 2008 - 02:13 AM

Welcome to the Television Forum!

It's probably worth mentioning that even though video gaming is actually becoming a more profitable industry than Hollywood, quality TV shows, especially Sci-Fi often go hand in hand with several lines of games.

This forum is dedicated to discussions on all things related to television such as current TV productions, classics of the past, not to mention behind the scenes of production and other technical stuff.

Before proceeding, there's something I'll probably need to address.

For all intents and purposes, downloading TV shows off the internet from things like torrents and YouTube are technically illegal.
If the original copy was recorded off of television, it's a bit of a gray area, but then again, if it's a DVD rip, then it's out of the question.

Because of that, and since it might be a case of putting this site at liability, we're requesting that if you do download or stream full episodes off the internet, that you don't mention it here. If we see things like 'yeah, I torrented it last night' or 'you can see the whole episode on YouTube here', I'm afraid we'll probably need to censor them.

Of course, you should always support you favorite TV shows by buying the DVD.

Aside from that, please note that the standard UberGames Board Rules such as no derogatory behavior and inappropriate content apply.

Have fun!


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