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USS Highlander

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Posted 03 March 2008 - 05:59 PM

Personal Log of Ensign Steven Romani.

I started the day on board the Ticonderoga, a galaxy class ship. I've only been on board for a day and didn't even have a chance to unpack. From what I know, we are to meet up with the USS Highlander, my new assignment. I spent last night reading up on the specs of the Akira class and I have to say I look forward to this assignment.

It seems like yesterday I was with my friends, drinking and dancing the night away before I boarded that transport for Earth. I remember kissing my mom goodbye, and giving my dad a hug, and watching them wave as I was beamed away. And then there was the academy, so much studying, so much work...but it was all worth it, even if I had to change my major twice. Then a year at Starbase 6...technically my first assignment, but I didn't feel as much excitement as I did when I beamed aboard the Highlander.

I felt the familiar tingling sensation of being beamed when I stepped onto the Ticonderoga's transporter pad, and snapped back to consciousness in a completely different transporter room...I never could get used to that. A Lt. Hodgkinson greeted me at the pad, she smiled, gave me the usual "welcome aboard" talk, and showed me to my quarters. On the walk, I was fascinated by her British accent, even in the academy I had met few real Brits and it was just...interesting I guess to talk to someone with such an accent. Upon entering my quarters I layed down and collapsed on my bunk, my roommate will apparently be beaming in tomorrow. I have to admit, its a little different aboard an Akira than it is aboard a starbase. On Starbase 6 I had my own quarters, but I suppose on a combat oriented ship, there is less space for such comforts.

I unpacked my bags, and laid out a few holo-photos on my desk next to the terminal. Just the important ones: mom and dad, my brother Will, Stephanie, the love of my life. It's a small plain room with no viewport...which I will have to get used to. It actually kind of reminds me of my room at the academy, just that I have no viewport this time. I'm guessing it means I am somewhere in the middle of saucer section...at least I'll be protected if we ever get hit. After putting those optomistic thoughts aside, I turned to playing with my comm badge out of boredom. after maybe ten long minutes of this, I looked at the chronometer and realized it was 1600 and I hadn't had dinner yet.

I smiled as I entered the mess hall, I love hearing the chatter we all do during meal times. It's a medium sized mess hall that can service maybe 60 to 70 people at a time. I made my way through the maze of tables and got my meal from the replicator. For some reason, everyone seems to hate replicator food...personally, I'm not picky and I think the replicator food is actually pretty good! I walked with my tray of Beef Stew (yum) and found Lt Hodgkinson and a few other people. They were nice enough to invite me to sit with them, and there I met Major Konig of the Federation Marines and Lieutanant Commander Geiger the chief engineer. It was fun talking to them, and I think I might have made a friend with Emily Hodgkinson and got in good relation with the Major and the Lt. Cmdr.

With a full stomach and a new friend, I retired to my quarters. I look forward to going to the bridge tomorrow and learning to pilot the Highlander...and seeing what she really can do.....end log.

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