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Posted 27 November 2007 - 06:39 AM

the latest rpi particapated in began when i logged on a the CE. Q was popping around the ship and causing havoc wioth our systems.

3 times I had to stop[ a warp breech while q stood by and laughed at us.

Then when I went to the bridge to control the damage there, a console blew up in my face.

Q and the captain argued about how starfleet was helping species 8472. The q turned us all INTO 8472!

The dr took dna samples of all of us to see if your dna was altered or weather or not we were 'sleeper agents' for 8472.

After I was cleared I went back top engineering to contiue with the constant system failures that q was causing.
On Patrol for those sneaky Jem'Hadar

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