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The rise of Admiral Janeway

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Posted 23 September 2007 - 01:14 AM

I got the RPG-X2 mod two days ago, and its been a lot of fun, so I decided to go join and pretend to be the Admiral Janeway from the future in Endgame.
First thing I did, after beaming in, was say "I have returned." I then made my way to the turbolift, but before I could get to the bridge, the commanding officer was there (I forget his name). He imediatly assumed I was a threat (since I was borg) and escorted me to the brig. As I went there I told him my story, that during the events of Endgame, just before the Borg Queen got pwned in the face, she sent me, the freshly assimilated Admiral Janeway from the future, through a wormhole, protecting me from the spacial and temporal effects of the explosion. After wandering through space alone in a borg escape pod for several months, I came across a planet of people who indulge in pleasure, and love stories. So I told them my stories, and they told me theirs, how they have this intragalactic transporter. So I assimilated the species and took the transporter to the Poseidon, where this story began. So after I told him all this, he released me, and left the session. So I took command, repaired and re-activated the warp core, and set a course for Earth. After regenerating in the captains chair (I had to pee) I went back down to engineering to make some modifications, which noone else knew, were to the weapon systems. I went back to the bridge, and dropped out of warp in the Sol system. I then hailed the planet, and the only other person on the server, a Lieutenant Commander Ace, heard what I said. "WE ARE THE BORG. YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE." He rushed to the bridge, but when he got there, I had already brought my modifications online. I fired several conversion beams from the phaser arrays that reset much of the computer hardware on the planet Earth to run on borg algorithms. At the same time, I was firing modified torpedoes filled with borg nanoprobes into the upper atmosphere. Ace shot me. He scored a direct hit on my occipital processor, which surged and blew out my cortical node. For those last few moments, I was free from the Borg Queens will, and could die happy, knowing that her bidding was incomplete, and Earth would be safe...

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