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Fallen Angels (Angles if you've been to our forums) by Slayer

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Posted 22 June 2007 - 04:34 AM

Ship: USS Legacy
Vice Admiral Maryse
CE Jack Ryan (Slayer)
CoS Jonathan (Wesson)
Helm Tom Reaver (Genesis)

The USS Legacy was on standard patrol near Delvana 2 in preparation for a Romulan attack, but the Noxtir, an old for of Vice Admiral Maryse and Fleet Admiral Slayer, has decieded to reappear.
Their encounter begins with a strange subspace distortion near the Legacy which is accompanied by a low hum heard by the Vice Admiral. At first she assumed that the Torque sensors were out of alignment. Jack Ryan, the ships CE, ran a standard diagnostic of the sensors to find that they were in alignment. The vice admiral immediately assumed the worse and went to her Ready Room and contacted Fleet Admiral Slayer. The vice admiral explained the situation and gave slayer her theory that the Noxtir, a hive based enemy capable of controlling humanoid life forms, has returned. Slayer immediately ordered Maryse to investigate the disturbance to confirm if it was Noxtir.

Maryse returned to the bridge of the Legacy and immediately ordered a course change for the disturbance. The crew was confused, but followed orders. The Vice Admiral ordered red alert and the CE went to main engineering to secure the core and prepare for battle. Suddenly a Noxtir battle cruiser appears and opens fire on the Legacy overwhelming the crew. Maryse orders a retreat, but the Noxtir ship pursues and catches up near a type J nebula. Just before the Legacy can enter their warp core is taken off line from the main computer core. Seconds later the ship goes dead and the crew is locked out of all systems.

Realizing that Noxtir are on board Maryse arms herself and bridge officers CoS Jonathan and Helm officer Tom Reaver and take the jeffries tubes to engineering. They climb down the tube, but before they can reach engineering the computer seals off the tube. Maryse goes down to the cargo bay and finds the CE rifle in hand. Both realize that the ship is compromised. Suddenly the blast door slams down locking them in. The computer suddenly alerts the officers that a coolant leak is in progress. The Vice Admiral uses her Borg tubules to interface with the ship and override the lock out. The officers scramble out as the door slams back down locking them out. Two officers, Tom Reaver and Jonathan, take fighter shuttles and engage the Noxtir. Jack Ryan and Vice Admiral Maryse work to re-open engineering when suddenly force fields seal off the area around them. A high painful screeching envelopes the room and suddenly the CE is gone leaving Maryse alone to herself. Using her borg implants she walks right through the force field while her CE calls out for her to help him. Maryse climbs back up to the bridge while still hearing Jack Ryan call out to her.

When she reaches the bridge Maryse manages to establish main power and bring the lights back on. Suddenly Jack Ryan appears and sarcastically calls for help. Maryse, not being amused brushes it off, however Jack persists calling the human body weak, frail, and wondering how humanity survived. Ryan then mentions the clarity of the hive. Maryse draws her phaser and fires at Ryan who remains un-phased. At this moment CoS Jonathan arrives on the bridge to see the CE and admiral. The admiral tells Jonathan to arrest him. Ryan persists about the hive and suddenly launches himself at Jonathan and opens his mouth from which a creature crawls from his mouth and into Jonathan. Maryse races for the comms station sending a distress call to the fleet. The former CE stands behind Jonathan and tells him more of the hive as the CoS is filled with the clarity of the hive. Taking this opportunity Ryan launches himself at the Admiral who in time dodges his attack and retreats into her Ready Room. Ryan followers her in and grabs her by the neck. Opening his mouth another creature crawls from his mouth and latches onto Maryse. The CoS who is still not lost to the hive fires his rifle at the former CE blowing off the lower half of his body. Falling to the ground he begins chuckling as the CoS rips the creature off of Maryse's face and kills it. Ryan begins chuckling saying that it is all over. Suddenly he begins screaming and yelling as blood fills his mouth and lungs. He dies reaching for the Admiral. A service is held and the Admiral takes a LOA as the XO assumes command.
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Posted 26 June 2007 - 07:18 AM

And for the record, there's been a sequel to this, and we're in lieu of writing it :)
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Posted 26 June 2007 - 10:02 PM

Yeah it was pretty hard core!
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