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Last Sense by Maryse

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Posted 22 June 2007 - 04:33 AM

Plot name: "The Last Sense"

Ship name: "ISS Dominator", "USS Immortal"

Map name: "yager-e_final"

Characters: -Grand Admiral Kennith Mitchel - Slayer
-Major Anya Moir - Maryse
-Lance Corporal Aka Quab - Jefferson
-Major Nikki Malone - Jane (not a member of STA)
-"Special Effects" - Genesis
-The Coregent - NPC played by Maryse

Time: By now, I'm sure you know that I don't bother counting time. Note to reader, this is a mirror universe/Star Wars crossover, thus the reference to hyper drive, ISS designations, and rank system. The Penthara system represents the Star Wars universe.


Major Anya Moir steps onto the bridge of the ISS Persevere, right as Grand Admiral Kennith Martin is having a quarrel with Lieutenant Mitchel. After a few minutes of heated debate, Anya orders Mr. Mitchel to go and assist in the repair of the hyper drive system. After witch Mr. Mitchel goes into the engine room and the Admiral promptly locks the door and fills the room with radiation. Soon after, with Mr. Mitchel deathly ill with radiation poisoning, is escorted to the main airlock where he is promptly blown out and blown up with the Ironboy's disruptors.

Soon afterwards, the Admiral got a transmission from Earth about some new ships arriving in from the Penthara Galaxy. New fresh ships with technology beyond anyone's dreams. As soon as the ship arrived, labeled the 'ISS Dominator'. She was absolutely stunning. The Major and Admiral beamed aboard and were greeted by Lance Corporal Aka Quab. The Dominator was soon after en route to the Penthara Galaxy.

A few hours into the trip to the Penthara Galaxy systems start to fail. The hyper drive system is the first to fail. Then the power systems. Then all the other systems started to shut down, one by one. The ship dropped out of hyper drive. Before anyone had a good idea what was happening, the atmosphere on each deck was being vented. A console on the bridge exploded and hurt the Chief Engineer: Major Nikki Malone, and Major Anya picked up Nikki and hauled her down to the shuttle bay where everyone else was going for immediate evacuation.

Everyone was safely evacuated from the ship, in order to escape the explosion, the shuttle with the people onboard entered transwarp and the Dominator's hyperdrive overloaded and destroyed the ship. The shuttle raced for Imperial Command but midflight they occupants realised that they were in a nebula, and that it expanded for many lightyears. All of a sudden a ship from the surface of a nearby planet intercepted the stranded shuttle and opened fire. The shuttle managed to defend itself somewhat, before the unknown shuttle disabled it's propulsion systems and the shuttle crashed onto the planet.

The survivors, shaken, however stirred were ok even after the crash. The Admiral, Major, and the Corporal set out to find out what this wierd place is. Upon their arrival, the Major slipped on the causeway and fell into the water below, and got sucked into what was unknown at the time, a vent. The two, thinking the Major is dead, continued on their quest to find out about this new and mysterious place. They found a building in the center of a huge flat space with the same type of shuttles that attacked the escape shuttle. They entered the building and went down into a cave and found some really old stuff, soon after their arrival, the Corporal got beamed away to an unknown location.

Upon the Admiral's return to the surface, he went outside and saw the Major standing there, her face white, when he went to look at her face, he saw a knife in her stomach. Immediately, the major callapsed, the Admiral scanned for a pulse, but troops came out of the building and were advancing onto his position, he had to leave the Major. He bolted for the shuttle, whom the crew onboard, fixed the engines and as soon as the Admiral went aboard, the shuttle departed and the causeway fell into the water below.

As soon as they got ready to get out of there, a large mass cloaked and disappeared from sensors. The shuttle kicked outta there at transwarp only to be stopped a few minutes later. The large cloaked mass was back. The shuttles shield's were out like a light, and the Admiral was beamed to a location unknown. As soon as the Admiral realised that he was beamed to a ship, he kinda panicked. He then heard gunfire and then saw Lance Corporal Aka Quab, fighting off several mutant aliens.

The Admiral then heard voices that sounded awfully like the Major's voice. He followed the sounds around the ship and walked into a room that was very much like some sort of antechamber. He was overjoyed to see the Major but when she turned her head, his thoughts about this reunion quickly turned upside down. The Admiral approached the Major, who was deathly white, and appeared very sloppily infront of the Admiral. The Admiral was greatful to see the Major, but then the Major started to talk with a weird accent. And immediatly, the Admiral knew that something was wrong.

"I am the coregent" announced Major Anya with the weird accent. The coregent identified himeself as the leader of the Kem'Tek, a technologically advanced species. The coregent announced that Anya has become his new aide. She is now of the undead, not alive but not dead, she would possibly be like this forever. After about 15 minutes of verbal abuse between the Coregent and the Admiral, the Major started to get really exhausted, and then collapsed. The Admiral made a quick decision to get out of there ASAP. Another Imperial ship, the ISS Immortal was circling the ship promptly beamed the 3 people off the Kem'Tak ship

The Immortal quickly engaged the hyperdrive systems and got out of there. With the Kem'Tek ship in pursuit. The Immortal was outrunning the Kem'Tek ship for now. A few hours later they were under attack, yet again by the Kem'Tek ship. The Immortal's shields were quickly disabled and to compensate the Immortal destroyed the Kem'Tek vessel. All was well, until a few minutes later. An intruder alert was called. Somehow the Coregent beamed aboard the ship before the ship was destroyed. It, this time took the form of a plant. It grew very rapidly. It overtook most of the ship and settled itself in the cargobay. After several attempts by the Coregent to retake the Major, it was unsuccessful. The Major, Admiral and Corporal barracaded themselves in the conference room.

The Coregent quicly sent out tentacles throught the vents and tryed to interface with the Major. Again, it was foiled. The Coregent attemped to negotiate with the 3. But the Coregent broke through the door to the conference room and killed the Corporal. With the Admiral and Major at the mercy of the Coregent, the Admiral attemped to bargain with the Coregent to let Anya go, and he would give himself up freely to the Coregent. The Coregent accepted with reluctance. And then proceeded to strangle the Major, because the Coregent could only have one aide at a time.

The Admiral stopped the Coregent attempting to strangle the Major, he knew that all attempts to barter with this monster would lead to the Major's death. The Major still had that knife that she was stabbed with, she handed it to the Admiral and said to the Admiral that he knew what to do. She then fell unconsious. The Admiral knew what to do, he transferred command of the Immortal to the Major and went down to the cargobay, he went up to the Coregent's head, and stabbed it multiple times with the knife that was supplied by the Major. The Coregent screamed out in pain, through the Major. The screaming stopped, a death-like silence fell over the cargobay, then the Major stood in the doorway and shot the Coregent a few times in the head.

Warning: The next part gets kinda cheesy, viewer disgretion is advised.

With the Coregent dead, the Major's skin started to turn back to normal, and she could start to feel emotion again. She was weak, she leaned herself against a cargo container. She couldn't feel anything. Then the Admiral grabbed her hands, the Coregent promised that she would never feel any physical touch for the rest of her life, but of all miracles, she could feel his warmth. They then went to the bridge, beamed the Coregent out into space and blew what was left of him with a few photon torpedoes, there was nothing left. The Admiral ordered the computer to ser a course for Earth, but the Computer refused. "Command of the ISS Immortal has been transferred to Major Moir." At that, the Admiral turned towards the Major, and she promptly ordered the computer to set a course for Earth, bestspeed.
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