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Shooting animations / Ranks

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Posted 10 May 2007 - 11:43 PM

And here I thought we were debating the existance of a specific rank rather than the overall system.

I always thought that mean that only senior enlisted officers (such as CPOs, SCPOs, etc) wore ranks, which would explain why O'Brian wore a hollow pip on TNG while Simon Tarsis didn't. Kind of like the typical change in uniform from enlisted to commissioned, such as the red and white enlisted jumpsuits from TWoK vs the monster maroon commissioned uniforms. Another example in the US navy: CPOs and up wear khaki uniforms, the standard commissioned uniform, indicating them as high enough up there to warrant your attention.

So, then on star trek: You have rank insignia: you're important enough to be so distinguished as a potential leader of a task, lack of it: you're the one being led. Lack of insignia doesn't preclude the existance of other ranks though.

As for the percentage thing, that does happen. One notable example is after war time, the military tends to discharge the excess men and women bringing the force size down to a more manageable level. Those that remain are redistributed to the lower ranks, usually keeping the career military folks. i think i've heard of like Colonel going to Major or more drastic changes.

The US Military term for such changes is RIF: Reduction In Force.

And one other note: the reason why we may not have seen other CPOs during DS9, I propose, was that they were covered by the Bajoran equivalent, if CPOs under a SCPO would be necessary.
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