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My fanfic story please be kind with any replys

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Posted 26 October 2006 - 09:52 PM


The bridge shook violently, then darkness. Silence descended on the bridge, the only sound the occasional spark from a damaged console. The red alert lights illuminating the injured crewmembers in a red hue. Panels flickered as gas rushed in from ruptured conduits. “Status!?” there were a few more seconds of silence as the Ensign at Ops regained his station whilst trying to stop the blood rushing down his head. “Their main torpedo banks are offline, their shields are down to 23 percent” Kathryn grabbed the captains chair and pulled herself from the floor. “Bridge to engineering, we need emergency power back online” There was static from the Comm system and no reply. The ship display on the captains panel blinked. Warp core was offline along with many secondary systems already shutting down. “Ensign divert all available power to the torpedo launchers, take it from life support if you have to. We need to disable that ship!” The Ensign had managed to bandage his head and was now carrying out his CO’s orders. “Warning: life support failure on decks 3 through 9, evacuate these sections immediately” The computers voice echoed through the bridge, warning of impending death. “Evacuate those decks. Someone re-establish communications with Main Engineering!” The viewscreen flickered to life, the static clearing to show a large dominion battle ship limping away on thrusters. Consoles over the bridge started flickering as if attempting one last time to come online. “Captain we have emergency power. Routing to weapons, locking target.” Kathryn looked at tactical and gave her nod of confirmation. The burst of torpedoes raced away from under the saucer section, picking up speed as they headed for their target. “come about 30 degrees starboard, I want you to get as close to their ventral shields as possible, fire a concentrated burst of phaser fire on my mark!“ Explosions shot out from the dominion vessels shields, sending the ship into a slow spin. The wounded Starfleet vessel lurched forward towards the giant battle ship, weaving in and out of hull fragments from the rest of the fleet, the Akira class vessel continued along its trajectory towards the belly of the massive vessel. “FIRE!” The Phaser beams shot out impacting on the hull, slicing through the thick armour like a knife through flesh. Debris splintered off, impacting the Akira’s shields. “Shields are down to 15 percent, one more hit and their gone!” Clearing the debris, the view changed to show a clearer picture of the gash along the battle ships hull. “target their bridge, aft torpedo tubes.” More torpedoes darted from the ship impacting on the fore shield vector. The purple hue of the enemies shields sparked as the remaining vectors shutdown leaving the hull vulnerable. “Come about fire at will!” The phaser banks powered to life sending deadly beams of light into space. The battle ships bridge exploded in a burst of light, debris flying in all directions. “We’ve exhausted our torpedo compliment. Most phaser banks are burned out.” The smaller Akira class was about to give in. “We cant lose now! Divert all power to the port arrays. Helm take us past the ventral section again, make sure we have a clear shot for the phaser banks, we’re only going to have one shot at this.” The ship again turned onto the set path and began picking up speed. The dominion ships last offensive effort rained upon the Akira’s shields rocking the ship hard. “Shields are offline. Multiple hull breaches. Captain we need to get out of here, our port nacelle is leaking plasma!” The volley of fire stopped as they slipped underneath. “Get ready to fire a concentrated phaser burst from all port banks on my mark” The hull of the other ship grew larger in the viewscreen, filling it entirely. “5000m” At this proximity they could be blasted to high heavens if any of their weapons were suddenly activated “not yet” Small explosions could be seen raging on the surface, the large gash from their earlier attempts beginning to show “3000m” The remaining bridge crew were showing panic at the sight before them. “Not yet” They were almost skimming the hull now, the innards clearly visible. “1500m” The bridge creaked, the strain of the recent attacks obviously beginning to show. “Now! Fire all phasers” The beams shot out once again impacting on the hull causing massive damage and a power overload in their power systems. “Full power to the engines get us out of here! That ships about to explode!” The bridge rumbled, the hull protesting against the force of the engines. “We did it! We actually defeated them!” A few officers let out a sigh of relief, as the dominion ship started to implode. “We’re not safe yet. We still need to survive the shockwave of the explosion. Any chance of partial shields?” Her naive yet talented Ops officer started working his console, hands flying over the surface, perspiration running down his face. “We are too heavily damaged to bring the shields back online.” Kathryn looked again at her status panel. “what if we stabilise the shield emitters with a pulse from our deflector?” His face lit up at the possibility “It wouldn’t work for long but it might be enough to shield us from the worst.” Kathryn smiled “do it” The ship onscreen eventually erupted the huge fireball sending a shockwave rippling through space. “Impact in 15 seconds” The explosion lit up the bridge with a blinding white light then began to fade just as fast. “10, 9, 8...” Kathryn grabbed her chairs arm, bracing herself for the worst “We have low level shields” The ship began to shake violently “5,4,3,2...” The starfield spun wildly, sparks flying from almost every power relay. Crewmembers were thrown to the floor, one over the railing into the wall. His neck cracking under the force. Warning klaxons rang out at almost deafening levels.” Everything began to fade as Kathryn lost consciousness.

gmad 25/10/06

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Posted 18 January 2007 - 07:43 PM

I like the story...interesting indeed...now to see if i can find some maps and maby do a roll play version (with your permission)...not much more to say except I like it :) great plot!

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